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Not sure if you have seen this, but I’m pretty excited. BBTS has a new listing for a “Godzilla 12″ Head To Tail Action Figure.”

From one of the most anticipated movie releases this year, the relaunch of the classic Godzilla franchise. This 6″ tall figure is highly detailed and fully articulated, and over 12″ long from head to tail! Over 25 points of articulation and a bendable tail. This classic movie monster has never looked so good in toy form.

I like the idea of having a NECA Godzilla to put with my NECA Pacific Rim figures. I had thought NECA only had the license to do large scale figures (as they do for Marvel, DC, and others). A 6″-7″ figure seems like it might be stepping on the toes of Bandai and Jakks, who are also making toys. I have a suspicion that these figures are labeled 12″ Head to Tail (for the 6″) and 24″ Head to Tail (for the 12″) in order to skirt around this issue. I hope we get a look at these and the other Godzilla offerings next month at Toy Fair.


I did see that, and found it very interesting. You’re right that the clarification about the height versus the length is intriguing. I actually went ahead and pre-ordered the 24″ long (12″ tall) version. I grew up with Bandai’s 8″ vinyls, and while I collected a number of the 6″ vinyls in the early 2000s, I’ve always felt like Godzilla toys should be bigger – which may be one reason why I was never really able to commit to S.H.MonsterArts.

So, long story short, I’m excited about NECA’s figures. I don’t expect S.H.MonsterArts-level articulation, but I do expect more than the “swivel arms, legs, and tail” of the Bandai vinyls. It may actually hit the perfect sweet spot between those two extremes. Here’s hoping!

It is curious that NECA’s making these when Bandai USA is producing their own 6″ figures (and JAKKS is producing oversize figures). Bandai USA is the master toy licensee, but obviously that doesn’t preclude either the JAKKS or NECA figures, begging the question, what exactly does being the master toy licensee get you? According to this source (whose veracity I can’t speak to, but it’s the only one I could find on a quick search), “the [master] toy licensee receives the right to control virtually all licensed products in the toy and game category.” If true, does that mean Bandai USA had to sign off on – or perhaps even arranged – the NECA and JAKKS deals?

I don’t know the truth behind it all, but I think the NECA products represent a promising (if somewhat more expensive) option for adult collectors. I agree the specific “head to tail” phrasing by NECA is weird, but I’m skeptical it’s a semantic workaround for the potential legal complications of making an official 6″ or 12″ figure – I can’t see that holding up in court. Of course, it’s always possible it’s something Bandai USA and NECA worked out ahead of time. Or maybe NECA just wanted to be really clear on what the figure was going to look like.


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There is now an Alien arms race between NECA and Bandai


  1. PresidentJuggernaut

    Thanks for poe-sting this. I saw over the weekend that they are doing at least a 6" 1954 Godzilla as well.

    As I read my own statement about wanting a NECA Godzilla to put with my NECA Pacific Rim figures, I realized that the 12" Godzilla is actually more in scale with the Jaegrs. This Godzilla is bigger than ever, supposed to be 140 meters tall or so.

  2. wilyjeff

    According to the latest press release from WB Consumer Products, Bandai America is the "Master toy partner" while JAKKS Pacific is in charge of "large-scale figures" and NECA will produce "a comprehensive line of novelty and collector toys". So it looks like the license was very specifically carved up, with other toy companies putting out specialty product which is not in Bandai America's typical area of expertise. http://www.actionfigureinsider.com/warner-bros-co

  3. NemoEight

    That definition for "Master License Holder" is accurate. Basically the Master Licensee has to approve all things, so in effect NECA may have had to sub-license from Bandai, or at least Bandai had to approve it.

    The classic example is NECA's own TMNT figures which were accidentally approved/allowed by Playmates by someone filling in while the regular person in control was out on vacation. Since they were officially okay-ed they were released but you may recall the epic bruhaha that surrounded it and subsequent releases as Playmates was very unhappy about that (which is why they were not allowed to be sold in Mass Market retailers like TRU).

    I really, really like the look of the new Godzilla so I'm thrilled NECA is doing product from it, but am very very interested in how that rights-split came up. We know Bandai doesn't like to do that.

  4. PUMPED for this news

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