UPDATE: You can preorder the Raw-10 figures, including Fren-Z, here: https://www.walmart.com/col/959852712

A day or two ago, I came across a news post on a toy website (or maybe a Facebook group – can’t recall) mentioning that McFarlane Toys had teased a new Cy-Gor figure. For those who don’t know, Cy-Gor was a really cool cyborg gorilla (get it?) from the Spawn comics. He got a number of cool figures from McFarlane in the 1990s before fading into action figure obscurity.

The news of a new Cy-Gor intrigued me, especially since McFarlane had recently impressed me with some of their more recent offerings, such as their Mortal Kombat and DC Multiverse lines, which feature a good amount of articulation as well as some great sculpting (at 7″, they’re disappointingly large and more NECA than Marvel Legends, but they’re still good figures).

Then I read the article and learned that this was not a new Spawn figure, but rather he was part of a new IP called “Raw-10” which would have minimal articulation and–sorry, once I read “minimal articulation” my brain checked out.

And then I saw someone post THIS.

Holy crap, that thing rules. Miminal articulation or no, that’s a huge cyborg shark.

And guess what, friends – it has a BIO.

FREN-Z is the king of the ocean–every ocean. He is a mix of robotics and the DNA of a Great White Shark combined with the prehistoric Megalodon Super Shark for extra terror. FREN-Z was created to be the prototype for a new breed of aquatic weaponry. But the dangerous minds at Robotic Animal Warrior (RAW) labs did their job too well, and FREN-Z escaped. Now he stalks the oceans, an unstoppable hunter–part-shark, part-machine, all-deadly.

I don’t know about you, but it disturbs me a bit to learn that this is what our tax dollars are going toward in the Robot Animal Warrior labs. (I had a friend who interned there and whenever you ask her about it she just gets this thousand-yard stare for five minutes.)

Anyway, I think the big announcement for these figures will be tomorrow, hopefully followed by online preorders, but in the meantime they’re evidently popping up at Walmarts.

UPDATE: Apparently these will be Walmart exclusives.

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