Plasma Kreaps (Originally posted April 11, 2008)

I was randomly thinking about this toy the other day and decided it would make for a fun TT. Back in the late Aughts, Mega Bloks was trying to branch out to some other toy formats, and one of the ones they came up with the Plasma Kreaps.

Plasma Kreaps were sort of a mix between 1980s gross-out toys and Japanese gashapon aesthetic. What you got was a creepy-looking crate. Inside the create was a ball of gross white latex, within which were the parts to the toy. They were mostly horror-oriented things like gargoyles, ghouls, skeletons, demons, and so forth.

As for my post about it, for some reason I decided to do it as a comic strip where DCUC Detective Batman opens the box with assistance from Snake Eyes. Also, germane to my previous post, there’s a Madball.

As anyone who knows me at all can tell you, no, I no longer have any part of that Plasma Kreap, having sold him off or given him away it one of the many collection purges I’ve done over the years. But looking at him now, I wish I had him back – if only for that awesome crate, which would look fantastic in one of my fantasy displays.