Author: Ben Leach

When Ben Leach isn’t asking Poe to pick up rare toys in Massachusetts for him, he’s busy checking every flea market and toy show in the New Jersey / Pennsylvania / Delaware region looking for obscure crap like Tacky Stretchoid Warriors and Galoob’s Army Gear (mostly because he’s a glutton for punishment and only seems to want the most absurdly rare stuff for his collection). He has written about action figures for Toyfare, Lee’s Toy Review,, and You can read about his current collecting adventures, along with those of the rest of his family, at And yes, ladies who read, he’s single!

Review > G.I. Joe Micro Force


I’m digging the mini-figure revolution I’m seeing taking place in toy aisles right now. As someone who has collected Battle Beasts, Z-Bots, Army Ants, Trash Bag Bunch, M.U.S.C.L.E., and so on since my childhood, it’s nice to see lines like Trash Pack, SLUG Zombies, Fighter Pods, and Squinkies dominating large portions of the toy aisles these days. Other than the zombies, though, none of these lines have gotten my attention quite like Hasbro’s new line, G.I. Joe: Micro Force.


As far as their size, they’re a little bigger than Trash Pack, Squinkies, and Fighter Pods, but certainly smaller than the last G.I. Joe micro line, Combat Heroes. These are similar in size to the oft-overlooked toy line Fistful of Power from about 2005-6, which were a little bit smaller than M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. This is really an ideal size: large enough to capture character likenesses and other little details, small enough to fit a bunch of them in the palm of your hand.

Guest Review > Beast Saga Series 1 (Takara-Tomy)

When I first heard the news earlier this year that Takara was tackling their phenomenal Battle Beasts line again with all new toys, I wound up in the emergency room with a severe concussion sustained from fainting and my head landing onto a comically large anvil. The doctors then told me I had a bad case of the retrovirus…not the virus that has genes encoded in RNA instead of DNA, but rather the one I suffered due to the announcement that a favorite vintage toy line of mine was being remade and that my wallet had better be prepared. Did they live up to my ridiculous expectations? Let’s find out!

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