I grew up with He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, but admittedly my connection to the characters runs pretty thin.  I love the major players like He-Man, Skeletor, Beast-Man, Ram-Man and Man-at-Arms.  I’ve also got a soft spot for others like Clawful and Merman.  Modulok is about as fringe as I get.

Although I’m aware of most of the He-Man lore, I’ll fully admit that there have been some characters in the Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC) line that I didn’t recognize at all, yet that hasn’t stopped me from buying many of them.

I love the Four Horsemen and they’re my principle reason for subscribing this year.  That said, when hearing that King He-Man would be the Club Eternia exclusive this year I was a bit curious.  I knew that King He-Man was from the unproduced Filmation cartoon show (He-Ro Son of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) and wondered how the Horsemen would handle him.