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Hoardax is an extra-dimensional, plastic overlord who may or may not be real. He claims to be Hordak's brother but this has yet to be proven in a court of law. Or by anyone, really. He lives on Hoard World but spends most of his free time on Facey B where he commands his human assistant to transcribe everything that comes out of his mouth in real time. He has hoarded all sorts of wonderful things over the past 30 years that he'd love to talk to you about, and aside from Poe Ghostal has also contributed content to Doom Kick and Dinosaur Dracula.

Guest Review > The Spirit of Hordak (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel) by Hellz Hoardax


The following is a guest review. The opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Poe Ghostal or the staff of

It’s been a big year for Hordak. Not only did we learn, via the contentious DC one-shot comic “The Origin Of Hordak,” that cosmic enforcer Zodac was (spoiler – see below *), but we found out Hordak’s daughter-by-abduction, the artist formerly known as Force Captain Adora, was the baddest ass of all time, and her name is really Despara – and she loves Daddy so much that she wears a version of his face and kills everybody all the time.

And then, there’s the icing on the cake of contention: The Spirit Of Hordak.

The Spirit Of Hordak (or Ghostdak, as I lovingly refer to him in the privacy of my own lair) is one of the more controversial Masters Of The Universe Classics figures. Unlike previous contenders for the most unpopular figures of the line, like The Mighty Spector or Snake-at-Arms, the gripe most people had with The Spirit Of Hordak had nothing to do with the figure itself.

Review > King Randor (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)


In November of 2012, Mattycollector released another (surprise surprise) variant figure of a character we’ve already had in the Masters Of The Universe Classics toy line. Lo and behold, It was the “Eternos Palace King Randor”, which, roughly translated means “The-Filmation-Cartoon-Version-That-You-Always-Kinda-Wanted-As-A-Kid-But-Also-Didn’t-Really-Need King Randor.”

For many MOTU fans, this was a long-anticipated dream come true.

Review > Mosquitor (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)


The following is a guest review.

The latest addition to The Mighty Horde’s army is Mosquitor, The Evil Energy Draining Insectoid, who was released last December. He sold out reasonably quickly after he went on sale but has since turned up on Mattycollector for sale as excess Customer Service Stock. Which has also sold out. If you missed out, there’s a pretty good chance he’s still floating around on eBay for prices somewhere higher than Chief Carnivus or Dekker but much less than Whiplash or Beastman.

To my knowledge, Mosquitor never made an appearance in the Filmation cartoon or the 200x version. He did, however, get his own front cover fighting He-man in one of those Marvel Star Comics of the late 80s. Issue 8, I believe it was.

As such, we’ve never really known that much about him. All we know is that he’s one of The Horde, he has a Mosquito head and he sucks blood. Oh, and that he’s actually FEMALE thanks to The Fwoosh and their magnificent, fact-based logic.

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