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Mattycollector Backgrounds

Whenever I see a cool background on a website, I immediately try to find a way to download it.

Here are two I pulled off Mattycollector – one is the background for the ad for the Filmation sub, and I can’t remember where I found the other one. They might make for some cool diorama backgrounds, or just desktop wallpaper.

Click for larger version

Click for larger version

Click for larger version

Click for larger version


Some Awesome MOTUC Fan Art

While searching for Draego-Man fan art, I came across the work of CJEdwards, who’s drawn a quartet of images of the 30th Anniversary figures that actually makes even the non-Draego-Man ones kind of…cool?

Illustrating Voltron

Using the coloring technique shown in the “Illustrating Skeletor” guest post by Phil Reed, I spent a couple hours over the weekend turning this:

Voltron - Original

into this:

Voltron - Colorized

I need more practice, obviously. But it’s pretty fun, and works particularly well with robots like this. Also: this is rapidly becoming one of my favorite action figures ever.

Poe, in Meejit Form

Artist and talented Poester Happymonkeyshoe has created this awesome Poe “meejit.” What’s a meejit, you ask? I asked too. Here’s what HMS said:

It’s just what I call my style and collection. Basically it’s chibi, but I don’t think it’s cute enough to be called that so I named them meejitz, just a play on the word midget.

To see more meejitz and other art by HMS, visit his DeviantArt page.

Now I just need someone to sculpt this into toy form…

Aquaman vs. Mer-Man

As many have pointed out, the art for the new DC vs. MOTU 2-packs is rather unimpressive. For example, here’s the Aquaman vs. Mer-Man art:

It’s just not very good. Aquaman’s right hand looks oddly twisted, his spear is an inch thick, Mer-Man sword is too narrow and the blades are parallel rather than inclined, and most importantly, Mer-Man is green. The whole point of the set is that he’s a blue repaint!

To show Mattel (or DC, since they provided the art) what the set could look like had they hired a more–experienced?–artist, former Masters of the Universe comic artist and walking MOTU encyclopedia Emiliano Santalucia produced his own version. Feast your eyes upon this, my friends.

(Click the image for a super-hi-res version)


Jason Week, artist, dinosaur enthusiast, and creator of the great webcomic Billy the Dunce, has sent along this awesome take on my Halloween logo. If I’m not mistaken, this is my first official piece of unsolicited fan art!

Be sure to check out Jason’s site, and follow him on Twitter.

Mer-Man by Baena

I don’t visit Baena’s blog nearly often enough, because I completely missed his beautiful update of the original Mer-Man card art. Imagine if art like this was on the back of all MOTUC packaging?

On a related note, you can buy a copy of this lovely Four Horsemen-themed poster, also by Baena, at Store Horsemen.

Gygor Attacks!

You’ll see this guy start showing up in the “Post a Comment!” rotation pretty soon, but MechaShiva came through on this guy with such badassery I just had to offer you a larger version. (Click the image to see it.)

Of all the 2010 MOTU figures, I think I’m most excited about Gygor. Ask anyone–I love war apes! Cy-Gor, Kriegaffe, Gorilla Grodd, Code Red…but Gygor may just take the cake. I mean, he’s yellow and green, covered in black armor, wears a red cape and wields a wicked-looking axe…the only thing I’m more sure of than this guy’s awesomeness is that he’ll sell out before my order goes through in September.

The Winter Warlock by MechaShiva

MechaShiva made this image for the site–I haven’t figured out how to use it yet, but I wanted to make sure you all got a chance to check out his awesome artwork.

The Winter Warlock is probably my favorite Rankin-Bass character. I still can’t believe they made an action figure of him…all I need now is a figure of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come from Scrooged and my Christmas toy collection is complete.

Friday Photo > Batarang in Flight

Batarang in Flight

I got the idea for this image from two sources–a shot from the opening sequence of Batman: The Animated Series and a panel from “Wanted: Santa Claus–Dead or Alive!” (drawn by Frank Miller) from DC Special Series #21 (Holiday Special); Spring, 1980.

Composition was pretty simple–took the shot of Batman in my light tent, then took a super-macro close-up of the batarang on the floor of the tent. In Photoshop, I cut out the batarang, flipped the image vertically and pasted it into the first photo. Careful use of the Smudge function added the motion blurs. Then the usual retouching and that was that.

I wish I had a nicer background, but the white still gives it a certain comics feel.

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