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Ask Mattel > Answers for September 15

1.) Chrissy asks: Could the next Skeletor variation (Terror Claws, Dragon Blaster, etc.) use Kobra Khans forearms and shins? This would alleviate some of the fatigue of getting another standard Skeletor body with new gear. And it would look great with Demo-Man’s freaky Alfredo Alcala styled Skeletor head.

This is something we have discussed with the Four Horsemen. Only time will tell!

2.) Wally2974 asks: Is there any chance with the Batman Legacy line being so popular that we might se some sort of re-release of BatSignal Batman? At the very least I’d love another crack at getting my hands on a working Bat Signal.

Ask Mattel > Answers for September 1

We take a brief break from Bat-Week for some Mattel answers.

1.) Many fans still love the original Batman sculpt the Four Horsemen did for the 2003 Batman line (i.e., “Zipline” Batman). The Four Horsemen still have their prototype, which shows the intended high level of articulation. Is there any chance of getting that figure with retooled, DCUC-level articulation (including double-elbows and double-knees)?

Always possible. Nothing is planned at this time but with a new Batman film on the horizon we will clearly be looking at ways to get out more collector Batman figs and this would be a cool figure to explore.

2.) misterbigbo asks: Have you considered producing the FHM’s mini-masters and distributing them as blind-box items? They could be sold on Mattycollector individually or by the case, or to comic/specialty shops. Lego’s recent success with minifigs is interesting, but the price point is key.

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Ask Mattel > Answers for Mid-August

1.) MsMarvel fan asks: Great reveals at SDCC! I’m really excited for 2012. Can those of us with MOTUC subscriptions look forward to a way to opt into additional club figures and/or 30th Anniversary figures for shipment with our sub figures?

We are looking into a way to possibly combine shipping on the 30th figures into a sub but we don’t have this confirmed yet. Stay tuned as we continue to explore options!

2.) Fringinator asks: Are Infinite Heroes coming back? That line went away just as I was really getting into it. Other companies are doing more and more characters on a smaller, 4-inch scale like that, and the DC universe has never gotten a big line like that.

The exact Infinite Heroes line is over for now, but that does not mean the scale is done. Again, stay tuned as we get all of our ducks in a row! We know there is a lot of fan demand for more DC figures in this scale!

3.) Gasha168 asks: Does the 23″ Voltron contain any diecast metal components at all, or is it pure plastic except for the springs and pin joints?

It does have some die cast. More details as soon as we confirm with design.

UPDATED ANSWER: The Lions that combine into the 23” Voltron do not have any die-cast parts.  At the scale that the lions are being offered, if they were die-cast, the overall weight of the combined Voltron would be too much for it to be secure or stable.  However, we do understand that die-cast is a big fan request so this is something that we’re looking into for the future.

4.) AJ7 asks: If Shadow Weaver will not be re-released in any way, shape or form, is there still a possibility for 200X-inspired female “Shadow Wraiths” to be released in the MOTUC line?

Shadow Weaver will not be re-released but it is possible for us to do the Shadow Wraiths from 2002 from episode 35 as separate characters (and male characters at that).

5.) Snarf! Snarf! asks: After seeing the mixed reactions regarding Battleground Evil Lyn: Was she meant to be the “classicized” version of 200X Evil Lyn, or is there room for a third Evil Lyn in her Zalesian attire (A female version of The Faceless One’s vest)?

Never say never, but for now this is intended to be the Horsemen’s definitive Evil Lyn for the time being.

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Any questions for Mattel?

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Ask Mattel > Answers for July 15

1.) Mario asks: In regards to the Voltron subscription, will the frequency of figures released be closer to MOTUC or Ghostbusters, & what will the price point be?

You will just need to wait for SDCC to find out all the details.

2.) Snarf! Snarf! asks: Regarding the “little guys” in MOTUC… Figures that would be smaller than a regular figure but larger than a “Pack-in” character” (Guys like Gwildor or Rotar and Twistoid) if/when they’re available, will they come single carded (with plenty of accessories to compensate for the smaller size) or will they come in Multi-fig packs like the GL 3 pack of “little guys”?

Ask Mattel > Answers for July 1, 2011

1.) Zach asks: Many fans, myself included, purchased all four of the Ghostbusters (including slimed Peter) when they were first released. None of these Ghostbusters came with a proton stream accessory. When will fans be able to purchase a set of 4 proton streams to go with our Ghostbusters figures?

No, there are no plans to offer the Proton Streams right now outside of that Peter figure. For the Ghostbusters line the accessories are often a selling point for the figures so we will not offering them in another format at this time.

2.) wilyjeff asks: Hasbro has clearly found a winning method of producing 3.75″ figures that are fun, detailed, highly articulated, loaded with accessories, and affordable, across both their own properties (G.I. Joe) and licensed ones (Marvel), that appeal to kids and collectors alike. Does Mattel pay attention to the production and/or marketing strategies of its competition in the boy’s action figure aisle?

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Ask Mattel > Answers for June 15, 2011

1.) Josh asks: The WWE figures utilize the basic, elite, and defining moments methods of selling figures and different price points. Would this model ever be considered for DCUC to get more “deluxe” versions of figures? For instance, a Superman with a cloth cape or even a Clark Kent outfit; A batman with cloth cape and accessories.

Always a possibility but nothing is planned right now.

2.) Chris asks: Regarding WWE,the knee and elbow pads restrict movement. Would it be possible to switch to a more sponge like material that would allow free movement but retain it’s natural shape?

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