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Poe Plays Favorites 2010 (The Awards Post)

Wow, am I late with this thing. Frankly the only reason I’m even doing it is to placate my obsessive-compulsiveness–there must be a PPF for every year, even if it takes me three months into the following year to do it.

Vote for the Poester Award 2010!

It’s past that time of year again…yes, I’m running extremely late on my 2010 awards. Nonetheless, I’m determined to go through with them, and as always, this year there will be a Poester Award.

The idea is simple: choose your favorite figure that I reviewed this year. I did not include any guest reviews, for the simple reason that I don’t count guest reviews when writing my own awards. If I included the guest reviews, we might not get the fun of seeing you all disagree with me.

Anyway, click here to vote!

Voting will go until 11:59pm Sunday, February 6.

Poe Plays Favorites 2009 (The Awards Post)

Has it been a whole year already? I feel like I wrote last year’s PPF just yesterday. Anyway, welcome to the second annual awards post here at PGPoA. As you may recall, the way this works is I select my awards solely from figures I reviewed. So while there were obvious eye-popping examples of action figure design this year–the deluxe Hot Toys Joker comes to mind–you won’t see them here, because I didn’t buy them.

On to the awards!

Vote for the Poester Award 2009!

I’m going to be releasing my second annual award picks early next month. To make everything fair, I’ve decided to make all my selections only from the figures I’ve reviewed this year.

But why should I have all the fun? I’m also going to offer you guys a chance to pick your own favorite figure of the year: the Poester Award. Voting goes from now to midnight on December 31. Each name is a direct link to my review (let me know if I messed any of ’em up).

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