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Bastards of the Universe > “Axe Your Questions”

Bastards of the Universe > “Previously…”

Man, hadn’t done one of these in forever; but I missed those guys. We’ll see if I get back on it on a regular basis.

Bastards of the Universe > Bastards for Tots!

Man, I haven’t done of these in a while. I was going to blame it on computer trouble, but mostly I’ve just been a lazy sack.

Geeks for Tots is a great cause, and a great give-away: I won second a couple years back! Do yourself a favor and get in on it; and you’re helping out a child too!

Bastards of the Universe > “In Bastard day, in Bastard night…”

It’s kind of too bad, since some of the toys have been good; but Green Lantern was sadly the worst comic book movie I saw this summer. Admittedly, I’m probably more of a Marvel guy, but their movies were all quite good.

Still, if Eternia had a Green Lantern assigned to that sector, you would probably expect him to be, well, He-Man with a domino mask. Or a big, muscular alien. Yet, Skeletor and Hordak and that lot get beat down by strong guys all the time, and don’t seem to have learned a lesson…

Bastards of the Universe > “Game of Bastards”

There’s a reason Conan never gets to sit in Bill’s chair: between the loincloth and the fur-cape, he really can’t.

I haven’t read George R. R. Martin‘s books yet, but I liked Game of Thrones on HBO. I wanted to make an Iron Throne, but didn’t want to break or bend up all the toys I had, so I made a paper one! Mine, and some really vague instructions, are here, and I want to try another one if I ever find a Lion-O and the Sword of Omens for it.

Bastards of the Universe > “Ooh, that’s going to bug me all day…”

I’m headed up to my ancestral homeland!…Montana. Yeah. I make the drive a couple times a year, and there’s a stretch on the road where I almost think, “This isn’t so bad. I could maybe live here again someday.”

Unfortunately, I still have a good half-hour to forty-five minutes of driving left at that point, so by the time I’m there, I’m like, screw that.

I usually have fun in Montana, then am thrilled to get back…not like it’s so great here, either, but you get the picture. Have a good week!

Bastards of the Universe > “Creative Impulse”

Well, everyone’s been talking about Mattel’s DC subscription this week, but I’ve been thinking about their Masters of the Universe Classic Create-A-Character contest. Although I don’t get a ton of MOTUC, I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. But, then I also worry that everyone’s feelings will end up hurt because the one they wanted (as in, theirs) wasn’t made.

Of course, I’m totally getting out the crayons to try it. I just have to see if my idea is ludicrously unfeasible, or merely stupid.

Bastards of the Universe: > “Tweeters and Followers”


So, I signed up for Twitter; pretty much just to follow Poe and Warren Ellis. Didn’t even get ‘googum,’ either!

I have yet to send a tweet or whatever myself, since mine would be the worst ever: “Now I’m at work!” “Now I’m at home!” “Now I’m at work!” Unless I tweet when I’m walking my dog, that might be about it…Actually, I do intend to start tweeting on the rare occasions when I pick up a new figure in stores; even though that seems few and far between lately.

Meanwhile, Poe has tweeted his goal of getting a thousand followers, which is as good a way to keep up with what’s going on here as any. Follow him now!

Bastards of the Universe > “BotU2, Throne of the Bastard King”


Show of hands: who played entirely too much Dungeons and Dragons as a kid? I never had any of the old action figures though, and would love to have Owl Bear or Beholder figures.

Bastards of the Universe > “BotU1, Expedition to the Bastard Peaks”

Is this a new Bastards of the Universe team? Um, sort of. Continued next week!

In other news, I held out on getting Battleground Teela, and am just about positive I’m gonna be kicking myself on that one.

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