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It Figures #36 (interactive)

Today’s It Figures is a little different. In keeping with my current theme of being a little burnt-out and thus a little lazy, I’ve decided it might be funnier if you came up with the punchline for this one. Particularly because I just can’t think of a good one. So let’s see whatcha got!

It Figures #36

Caption the Pic > News from Eternia


Orko and He-Man on CNN

Today’s CtP was going to be a straight cartoon for next week, but I decided it would be a lot funnier to see what you folks can come up with. This week’s prize is: a MOC Hulkbuster Iron Man!

Caption the Pic > Stop Lost

Stikfas troops

First things first–the winner of last week‘s Caption the Pic. The winner, chosen by Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be herself, is googum! Here’s the award winning entry:

Superman: “Nice doll. Did your mom make that for you?”
Batman: …
Superman: “Ooh, right.”

Googum, please contact me to get your free Savage Dragon shipped to you.

The prize for this week’s contest is: a carded blue Bizarro from Mattel’s DC Superheroes! Even if you’ve already got the purple “#1” version, with this one you get the badass crumpled-axle accessory.

Caption the Pic! > Knit Pic


Today’s Caption the Pic features my Valentine’s Day present from Mrs. Ghostal-to-Be: an unbelievably awesome knitted Batman. She knitted everything on it (except for the bat symbol, which is made of felt). That’s right, my knitted Batman’s got belt pouches, bitches.

So go ahead and write up a caption for this pic in the comments below. (Praise for my fiancee’s mad knitting skillz won’t help you win, but it’s appreciated.) Deadline is next Friday. I’ll pick the one personally find the funniest, and announce it with the release of the next photo.

This week’s winner will receive: a carded Savage Dragon figure (shirtless) from Marvel Toys’ Legendary Comic Book Heroes line.

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