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Identify the Toy > Positive Attitude Alien

alien dude

Found this guy while cleaning out the attic at my parents’ house. I have absolutely no idea what he’s from. I like his attitude, though.

I think he might have been part of some sort of graduation gift. The bottom of his foot says “© Educational Design.”

Identify the Toy > Star Wars Ball


Poester Lipsink asks:

Can you tell me what this toy is and what it is supposed to do? This image is from a current eBay listing and the seller says it is a handheld travel toy? I purchased mine at a local Goodwill. When I put batteries in it and with earphones plugged in I hear Chewbacca growl and then the Star Wars theme song plays over and over with some intermittent “battle” and R2D2 sounds. If I move my hand over the “eye” it makes a “force field” hum noise. It is a 2005 Hasbro toy. I think it’s really cool as a paperweight but I wish I knew what it was really intended to do! Thanks so much!

Identify the Toy > R/C Robot?


I came across this photo of me from Christmas, either 1983 or 1984 (I think ’84). Castle Grayskull was obviously the big gift that year, as my huge grin shows. But then I noticed something in the back and, being the obsessed person I am, I have to know what it is.


Anyone recognize this robot? It looks like it might be radio-controlled, which is odd, since I generally disliked R/C stuff. Though maybe this was the toy that made me realize I didn’t like R/C toys.

UPDATE: And we already have our answer – it’s Tobor!


Identify the Toy > Purple Kenner Gorilla Alien?

A reader sends this along:

I need help! I just purchased this figure. It’s not any known color variant. I’m not sure if it’s a custom (it doesn’t appear to be) or a prototype. I haven’t received it yet so I’m not sure if it has any tm/manufacturing stamps. do you know any experts? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Identify the Toy > Transformers(?) Lot

Click for larger version

Click for larger version

Doc Thomas here. I’m back with a new bunch of toys I need identified – this time it looks like various early Transformers and Transformer-knock offs, including many that are busted or incomplete – and as usual I’m far too busy performing unnecessary surgery to figure out who is who – so here’s the deal: send an email to Poe naming as many of these figures as you can. The person to identify the most will win a Poe Prize. Deadline is Friday, April 26 at 11:59pm.

Winner will be determined by whoever identifies the most toys correctly or, in the case of a tie, whoever gets their submission in first.

Identify the Toy > Mystery Figures


I attended a family wedding this weekend. Included in the festivities was one of those collages with photos of the bride and groom as kids. My father spotted this pic and immediately sought me out to identify the figures, but I was stumped. Even the groom himself has no idea what they are, though he suspects he’ll recognize the name when he hears it.

There’s more to this pic – specifically, the young groom taking a bath – but I decided it was better not to post the pic of the young boy taking a bath on my website and just stick to the figures. However, I can tell you that based on context these figures are larger than 3 ¾”. I would guess somewhere between 5″-7″. The time frame is mid-1980s or so, although the figures could be a little older than that.

My best guesses were Coleco’s Rambo line or LJN’s Dune line. If there’s a clear winner, he or she will get a Poe Prize.

UPDATE: The groom has confirmed that these are indeed Rambo figures. And on a fun side note, there was a story told at the wedding where the groom, when he was young, wanted to change his name to “Turbo.” Perhaps this was his inspiration?

Identify the Toy > Purple Ninja

CW sends along this request to crowdsource the collective knowledge of the Poester community to identify a toy he once had. (Jitsu shown solely for size reference.)


Hi Poe,

I’m hoping your readers can help me. I’m trying to find out the name of a Ninja action figure toyline from the early nineties. From what I remember, the figures stood 7-8″ tall, and had the big five articulation points (I think they may have had a kicking action feature too, but not sure). They all shared the same body, but had unique heads. They also all shared the same accessories, which included a crossbow, sword, possibly a knife or two; which were molded in a bronze color plastic and could be stored in their soft black plastic belt with incorporated quiver.

Their pants and boots were painted to match the color of their fabric masks and shirts. I personally owned three of these guys, but I think there was a whole bunch of them.

I had a purple ninja with a skull for a head (his shirt is in the pic), a green ninja with a snake-themed head and I think a scale design on the shirt. The good guy I had was a red ninja, with an american flag shirt and he was a white guy with a blonde flat top. I included Jitsu in the pic just for a size reference.

I remember only finding these figures in a toy store in Arlington TX that looked like a castle from the outside, but I can’t be sure if it was Child World or not. I remember as a kid thinking inside the store was pretty much just like Toys R Us, but I thought they had a better selection.

I hope I gave a good enough description that someone could tell me what these were, because endless google searches aren’t helping.

Identify the Toy(s)

Doc Thomas here. I’ve got a bunch of toys I need identified and I’m far too busy dismembering victims to prevent them from being identified, so here’s the deal: send an email to Poe naming as many of these figures as you can. The person to identify the most will win a Poe Prize. Deadline is Friday, March 8 at 11:59pm.

For you bloggers out there, if you want to submit your list in the form of a blog post, that’s cool too. Winner will be determined by whoever identifies the most toys correctly or, in the case of a tie, whoever gets their submission in first.

UPDATE: Fixed some double-numbers in the second photo and extended the deadline.

(Click either pic for a larger version)



Identify the Toy > Sci-Fi Channel Figurines

Poester JW sends in a request for information regarding some odd toys he found in his shed…but I’ll let him explain it.

So I’ve been cleaning out my shed and closet and getting rid of a bunch of old toys and convention swag and one of the things I came across were the two little figures you see in the attached photo.

Now I know WHAT they are. They’re promo figures that were given away by the Sci-Fi Channel (back when it still WAS the Sci-Fi Channel) at San Diego Comic-Con. I don’t remember how long ago it was (I have a terrible concept of time) but I’m assuming they are at least four or five years old. All I remember is having to stick my arm into a dark hole and being handed a mystery box (I did it twice–hence the two different figures).

Identify the Toy > Who’s That Hulk?

Who is me?

Poe’s note: From now on, “Identify the Toy” is a feature whereby readers can send in pics of unidentified toys so that we can draw upon the vast cognitive and obsessive resources of the whole of the PGPoA community to determine the identity of a toy. “Figure It Out” is a separate weekly contest.

PGPoA Power Pal the ToyNerd is trying to identify this Hulk. It isn’t the Toy Biz Supersize Hulk from 1991; it has a completely different sculpt. Anyone know what this thing is?

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