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three and a quarter

Thanks to a renewed interest in Star Wars (via SWB) and the advent of the Four Horsemen’s very, very cool Power Lords figures, I am in terrible danger of tumbling down the 3.75″ rabbit hole. Let’s hope I can resist, because there’s an awful lot of stuff from the ’80s that would be very appealing and relatively cheap…

Anything can happen on Halloween

I’m already starting to get into the spirit of Halloween…I wonder what this is? (Hint: it’s a custom figure I commissioned.)


Also, be sure to read the greatest Halloween-related thing ever produced by the Internet, if you haven’t before.


I’ve been absolutely swamped at my “real” job the past few weeks (I work at a college, so the beginning of the semester is pure madness). I promise you all I have not forgotten you. Moving forward I am going to try to make Thursdays “It Came from the Attic” day (as long as supplies last). And of course Tuesdays will remain Toy Aisle Trolls day (as long as supplies last).

Beyond that, I’m planning a long-delayed “Star Wars Black” week of reviews in the near future. Did I mention I got the SDCC Boba Fett?

Spam comments

Hey all – I have a favor to ask. (I have another, bigger favor to ask as well, but I’ll get to that at a later time.)

My comment spam filter doesn’t seem to be working very well lately. If you see a spam comment, please click on the “report” link and let me know.

born again

So after all my blather, I finally opened the SWB6″ Boba Fett SDCC exclusive last night.

Getting that…may have been a mistake.

For my wallet.

Jurassic Park and a rant about Shark Week


I have but a mere eight hours before a long-awaited toy is finally in my hands.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been in a Jurassic Park kind of mood lately. Not sure why. It occurred to me it’s been twenty years since that movie came out. (Good freakin’ lord. I was making out with my first girlfriend two decades ago?! Those memories are intertwined with Jurassic Park in my head. That was a magical summer, except for the part where I herniated a disc in my back that would ultimately require surgery. That part was less magical.)

Kenner did the toys, though they were owned by Hasbro at that point so it was really just a branding thing. I had – and still have – the big red Tyrannosaurus they made, which was always puzzling. Why was it deep sunburn red instead of the greenish-brown of the movie? Weird things like that always used to happen in toys.

today’s haul


Five years ago today…

Poe Gets Married


Now that’s a novel way of showing off a figure’s articulation. In this particular case it’s also really, really creepy.

Ankle strain

One thing that’s been bumming me out lately is that as my MOTUC figures age, their ankles get weaker (if they weren’t incredibly weak in the first place). I love ankle articulation, but if it’s going to have a hinge, it really needs detents (for ratcheting). I have Tri-Klops on a shelf over my desk just for fun, and getting him to stand up straight was a huge pain.

I find ball-and-socket ankles are often firmer, for whatever reason. Plus you can do the old clear nail polish trick if they’re not.

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