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Most Wanted > The STSST (Found!)


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So, this is an interesting Most Wanted post. When I started writing it, I wasn’t even sure this thing existed. But in the course of writing the post, I not only confirmed it had, but I actually got one!

I’ve managed to collect almost all of my childhood holy grails over the years. The Popy Gaiking Kargosaur, the Godzilla Battle the Tricephalon set, the blue Metal Man saucer. But there’s one that is so rare, I’ve never seen it on eBay or even on the ‘Net, with one very recent exception (an exception so recent, it happened while I was writing this article).


The Shirt Tales (Wikipedia) were a set of characters created by Hallmark and featured on greeting cards in 1980. They later became popular enough to get a Saturday morning cartoon show that made it through a surprising 46 episodes. (Believe it or not, the Shirt Tales predated the creation of the Care Bears, but it’s likely the runaway success of the Care Bears – also a greeting card creation – is what led to the Shirt Tales getting a cartoon).

Most Wanted > M1 Last Dinosaur

M1GO The Last Dinosaur Brown Tyrannosaurus Rex & Polar Borer

One of my favorite childhood films was The Last Dinosaur, a 1977 co-production between Rankin-Bass and Tsuburaya Productions* about a megalomaniac big game hunter and his attempt to hunt down a T-rex with footsteps like the sound of thunder, living in a lost world.

I plan to do a nostalgia-filled review of the movie for PGU at some point, but in the meantime a recent Web search revealed to me a brand-new holy grail: the M1 Last Dinosaur set.

Released in 2009 to commemorate the release of the Japanese DVD, this was a Japanese exclusive item. Given the otherwise complete lack of Last Dinosaur merchandise, I must own this. Even better, it comes with the Polar Borer vehicle from the movie! Krang totally ripped it off.

If you have any leads on how I could obtain one of these, please let me know.

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* Founded by Eiji Tsuburaya, the Japanese special effects wizard behind Godzilla and the rest of the Toho Monsters, as well as the creator of Ultraman.

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Doc Thomas Probes > Most Wanted, Left 4 Dead 2 Edition

Welcome to Part 2 of my detailed Left 4 Dead-themed Most Wanted article, in which I beg Valve and “some other company” to create toys based on one of my recent favourite games! If you’re wondering why I haven’t specified the company I’d like to make these toys, that’s because there’s so many great companies that it doesn’t matter who makes them as long as the toys are great. Although top contender NECA have absolutely showed their chops at making great video game figures, including the Resident Evil zombies we know and love, Mezco have also done a sensational job with their Attack of the Living Dead line, comprised entirely of army-building fully-articulated awesomely-detailed zombies, some of which already resemble L4D characters. Really, it doesn’t matter – the toys are what matters, so on with the show!

Most Wanted > Mark V Master Chief

I’ve never enjoyed a first-person shooter more than I did the original Halo (full disclosure: I’ve never played Half-Life or its sequel). The sequels were OK, but they never made me feel the same magic I felt whenever I played the first game–where I could knock out a Marine, swipe his sniper rifle, hijack a Banshee and fly to some hard-to-reach outcropping and snipe every single bad guy from half a mile away. Or maybe just kill everything with the pistol.

So it annoys me that while McFarlane has given us several Spartans in Mark V armor, including this Target-exclusive eyesore, we’ve yet to get a Mark V Spartan in green armor. It doesn’t even have to be the Master Chief per se–since I think McFarlane’s license doesn’t extend to the first Halo–but why not a regular Spartan in green Mark V armor? That’s all I ask. I don’t even collect McFarlane’s Halo stuff, but I want this one figure. Preferably with the original pistol.

Until they make one, I guess I’m stuck with my huge, but still kind of cool, Joyride figure.

Most Wanted > Exosquad Field Repair E-Frame


Reader AG writes in with his Most Wanted. If you can help him out in any way, let me know and I’ll pass your information along.

Most Wanted: Mercenary Gunman

I'm a lead farmer motherf****r

Welcome to a new feature where I publicize some rare or out-of-production figure I’m looking for. I’m thinking I may make this available to anyone–people can submit their “Most Wanted” holy grail figures/toys and I can spotlight them. Thoughts?

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