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2010’s Impossible to Find G.I. Joe Exclusive Will Be…

As most die-hard Joe fans already know, Sargent Slaughter is the 2010 San Diego Comic Con exclusive for the G.I. Joe line. This is both awesome and maddening, because you’re either going to have to go way out of your way at the convention to try and get one (and you probably will fail anyway) or you’ll have to be lucky enough to get one when it pops up on Hasbro Toy Shop after the convention. To make things even harder, good old Sarge comes in two flavors, regular:

And extra gunny:

Paul’s Peg > Hasbro Launches Greatest Mail Away Ever

ToyFair 2010 has a lot of great announcements, but perhaps one of the coolest is the upcoming mail away figure from the Star Wars Legacy line:

Friggen old school rocket firing Boba Fett, one of the most legendary of all unobtainable toys. Hot damn, with this and the new AT-AT Hasbro is going to have me completely hooked on Star Wars again.

Um, I guess this means look forward to more Star Wars news on in the upcoming months…

Thanks to:

Paul’s Peg > First Good Shot of the Big AT-AT

I was hoping the first picture of the formally rumored AT-AT would be a glorious money shot, but our first halfway decent view is a crappy picture that leaves out the head. Still, it’s simply beautiful to behold.

Seriously, I have full on nerd boner here. WANT!

From: Star Wars via Topless Robot

Paul’s Peg > Get Your Sexy … ah hem… Twilek Lego Minifigs

Female Twileks are the Swedish bikini models of the Star Wars universe. In fact, I really can’t think of an alien race that’s as alien, yet sexy as the Twileks (don’t you dare point to them new fangeled blue Avatars you sicko). If you’ve been hankering for a harem of Twileks for your Lego Luke Skywalker or a cadre of Sith Twilek assassins your wish has come true. There are custom parts that you can order from Heads are five bucks and torsos are four bucks. Now if that seems pricey, you haven’t had to buy many Legos or tried to acquire rare minifigs lately. They’re worth their weight in gold studs.

Thanks to: Brothers Brick

Paul’s Peg > The Target TIE Fighter Non-Review

When I was a kid I had a lot of toys, but one toy I never had was a TIE Fighter. It was a little awkward having an X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, and a Y-Wing all gunning down nothing (or a G.I. Joe or Captain Power ship), so when Kenner began re-releasing Star Wars figures I was happier than a pig in slop when I got my hands on the TIE. Of course, being older I didn’t really appreciate the tiny arse wings that it came with, so I had to wait several more years before they made large wings. I missed out on the debut of the improved wings in the form of a Toys R Us exclusive (too expensive), so when the Target version came out with an improved cockpit I knew I had to have it. At about 45 bucks it was out of my range, so thank the Maker for clearance.

Paul’s Peg > More Big AT-AT Rumors!

Remember when I whipped you all up into a frenzy about the big AT-AT (especially you Mr. Topless Robot? hehe)? Well, there’s more rumors spreading across the net on what this thing might look like and if true, we could be looking at one of the coolest toys ever:

From Rebelscum:

According to this eyewitness account, it looks like a Turbo Tank on legs, with an interior similar to the inside of the Turbo Tank, but with 2 levels, opening doors, a gun rack, and an underside hatch for Luke to slice into. There are 2 strings that come out of a side panel like on a rescue helicopter. The neck seal is rubber, and the head holds 6 figures inside, including General Veers. Plus, the rear opens for a Blizzard Force speeder bike.

Paul’s Peg > Action Figure Arcade Fun

How would you like to be slapped in the face with awesome? Well how’s this 3 3/4ths action figure scale arcade cabinet that was posted on Hisstank:

By Crom, that is an amazing replica of the classic Star Wars arcade cabinet. It was created by a crafty customizer who also got a Mortal Kombat II cabinet if Star Wars doesn’t do it for you:

Paul’s Peg > A Look at Hasbro’s New AT-ST (Not a Review)

Out of my Christmas haul my biggest get (at least toy wise) was the new(ish) AT-ST put out by Hasbro. If you don’t remember this bad boy, I geeked out for it a few months ago and never thought I’d actually see it, much yet own it. If you’re on the fence or want to know if you should go out of your way to get one I thought I’d throw together my non-review for you all.

Paul’s Peg > A Jedirrific Star Wars Find


I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve almost given up entirely on buying single carded figures in the 3 3/4ths scale. This is due to the fact that I’m poor and can’t fathom paying over seven dollars for one tiny figures. That’s why I’ve been digging these “Blockbuster Value” two packs that I’ve found at Target. How can you go wrong with getting two figures for the price of one? And yet, many of the two packs have been auto passes due to the crappy B side figures. Well, I found this guy the other day and thought that he was a pretty good A side, so good that the B side must be pretty damned bad. I picked him up and turned him around and was amazed to find…

Paul’s Peg > The Friggen Big Frigate

Oh those crazy Lego builders are at it again, this time coming up with a Nebulon-B frigate from Star Wars with a length that measures four feet and six inches.

That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment, if you can actually count this as an accomplishment worthy of praise as opposed to curing cancer or saving a baby from a burning building. I do love that there are even little X-Wings and a Millennium Falcon attached to the frigate.

By the way, I do think I just broke the record for the number or times the word “frigate” has appeared in a post on


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