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Poe’s Point > “Mini Comics Included” Kickstarter Project

A new Kickstarter project has been making the rounds lately. What is it, exactly? I’ll let the creators explain:

MINI COMICS INCLUDED is a collaboration started by comic creators Tim Seeley,Steve Seeley, and Michael Moreci. Remember the fun you had with comics, toys, and cartoons as kids? That’s what we’re bringing back! Imagination! Excitement! Heart! We grew up on Kirby and He-Man, Toth and G.I. Joe and are now putting that exuberance and wonder into this unique project.

So the idea seems to be minicomics without the toys (although there actually are some toys available as incentives, albeit expensive, indie-art-type toys and nothing mass produced, as far as I can tell). Tim Seeley, you may recall, is the creator behind the popular comic Hack/Slash as well as writing some of the new Mattel-produced minicomics for Masters of the Universe Classics.

Poe’s Point > Why I’m Not Subscribing to the Filmation Sub


First off, please note that I recognize this post presumes you give a crap about whether I subscribe to the Filmation sub. This may be very much not the case, but to those of you who visit this site largely for MOTUC content, I feel I owe it to you.

As all longtime readers of this site know, I tend to go through fads. When the site started it was mostly about Batman and DC Universe Classics. Eventually it moved into Masters of the Universe Classics. And as probably seems obvious to all, I’ve lost some of my interest in MOTUC over the last year or so.

I hesitate to chalk it up to anything more than just a natural decline of obsessive interest, but if you’ll indulge a little introspection: of all my childhood toy fads, MOTU was one of the shortest-lived. I loved the cartoon and the toys, but I really only collected and played with them for about two years when I was 4-5. I suppose that’s practically a geological epoch when you’re that young, but I also only vaguely remember that time of my life.

After that, the two biggest fads were Transformers (I still don’t know if readers have any sense of just how into Transformers I was, since I don’t collect it now) and Ninja Turtles, both of which I was more into than I ever was with MOTU.

Poe’s Point > Star Wars Black 6″ Doomed From the Start? (I’m not so sure)

6 inch SW Figures 020513_Sandtrooper_1

Phil Reed of has a post up, “Five Reasons Why Hasbro’s ‘Star Wars Black’ Will Fail,” detailing why he believes the just-announced Star Wars Black 6″ Series (SWB6) will end by 2016 at the latest. First off, a three-year run by any toy line is pretty impressive in this day and age, but that’s beside the point. I’m not necessarily unconvinced by his arguments, but I do think Phil’s making some wrong assumptions in his post.

Let me preface this by saying I consider Phil a friend and respect him, and I see this as a good-natured argument (whether he’ll see it the same way I don’t know). Anyway, let’s look at his argument point by point.

Poe’s Point > Star Wars Black 6″ Series


Now it’s time to address the bantha in the room: the Star Wars Black 6-Inch Series.

Poe’s Point > Django Tangled


By now everyone’s heard about the controversy surrounding NECA’s Django Unchained toys. The Weinstein Company asked NECA to stop production. Predictably, the publicity created a run on the toys and drove prices through the roof.

Najee Ali, the director of Project Islamic Hope, stated, “I actually enjoyed the movie, but we cannot support this type of commercialization.” I suspect Mr. Ali was referring to the idea of toys of any kind from the movie, but I’m fairly convinced that it’s the style of the toys that caused this issue.

Poe’s Point > Eras End All the Time

Ryan “The Superfly” Prast has a blog post at AFI in which he predicts “within the next few years, the 6″ action figure will be an endangered species, and possibly completely extinct.” He continues:

My rants on ‘corporate greed’ are commonplace on the forum, but I am also aware that overseas manufacturing costs have been kept artificially low for over a decade due to the influence of certain retailers. We have seen fifteen years of adjustments in just the past few years, and many collectors can no longer afford the action figures at today’s prices. Add in improving factory conditions, fair workforce compensation, additional regulations and safety standards, and, well, you begin to realize the days of cheap 6″ action figures are nearly over.

Hold on – there’s a big difference between saying “the 6″ action figure market will become extinct” and “the days of cheap 6″ action figures are over” (my italics). The latter is obvious. The former is unlikely.

Poe’s Point > Cy-Chop Addendum


I just wanted to offer my two cents on Cy-Chop. This isn’t a second review – Doc Thomas’s is the official review for PGPoA. But I wanted to offer my own thoughts on the figure, and this is my site so it’s my prerogative to do so.

I rather like the scissor-hands and the head. I don’t think the whole Micronauts-homage thing was a good idea, because I just don’t think it makes much sense (i.e., keep your peanut butter Micronauts out of my chocolate MOTU), but I like the design of the scissors and the sculpt of the head, and I don’t mind the silver. I like that the hands are interchangeable with other figures as well.

What I don’t like are the clear Roboto-style torso and the Beast Man limbs. Though in my Roboto review I wrote, “from an aesthetic standpoint I think [the clear chest] looks good,” over time I’ve come to like it less. It looks too cheap and toy-like, and feels brittle (and in Roboto’s case, for many collectors it was). As for the furry limbs, I just don’t think they work with the character design. They’re what make him look so slapdash to me; they clash thematically with the character’s “cyborg” design and demonic head.

If I’d been designing this figure, I would have recommended something like the Trap Jaw/Roboto upper legs and Hordak‘s or Horde Prime‘s lower legs, and perhaps the arms of Icarius, which we haven’t seen often in this line. That would give the character more cybernetic and Horde touches, which would have gone a long way toward making me like this figure more.

Poe’s Point > A Few Thoughts on the New Ninja Turtles Cartoon

I’ve watched three episodes of the Nickelodeon’s new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now, and I’ve made a few observations.

Poe’s Point > PGPoA Needs Your Photos

Reflector (alt mode 1)

Reflector (alt mode 1) by frenzy_rumble, on Flickr

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about how I can generate more reviews for the site, and I’ve struck upon what I think is both a novel and old-fashioned solution.

Poe’s Point > Final Thoughts on Club Eternia 2013

Until the sub period ends on August 6 or there’s some actual news to report, this post is going to represent a hiatus on my Club Eternia 2013 coverage, as this will officially flog the horse to paste.

I was intrigued by this comment Rustin Parr made a few days ago:

I’d argue too that the subscription is also at fault because it created a false perception of security and success to the Team and Mattel. Because the bulk of us had put in for everything we simply lost our ability to “vote with our dollars” and help guide the team on what kinds of figures and price points were actually desired and viable.

Obviously variations of this argument have been made over the years – often in discussions regarding Mattycollector offering pre-orders – but Rustin articulates it succinctly here. More than once, a figure was revealed that I probably would never have bought in a store for the same price. To its credit, this made MOTUC a wonderfully inclusive line; small subsets of the fandom got figures that a more traditional mass market release would never have gotten around to. But Rustin’s right: denied an ability to vote for specific characters with our dollars (and in fact, forced to subscribe before even knowing half the product we’d be paying for), we had virtually no control over character selection or price point – aside from whether or not we subscribed the following year.

This year, it seems, collectors are indeed voting with their dollars – and suddenly, they’re being listened to.

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