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Sponsor News > Amazing Spider-man & Captain America Infinite Series on Amazon

Please pardon the shill, but ad commissions help keep the site humming. Anyway, this may be old news, but a number of the Amazing Spider-man and Captain America Infinite Series figures are available on Amazon. Some of them (particularly some of the Spider-man stuff) are still available at the cheap Amazon Prime price.

Amazing Spider-Man

Captain America

Poe’s Pick of the Week plus Transformers, TMNT, Gremlins, Star Wars, Tokkyuger, Killzone, Game of Thrones & More at BBTS


Poe’s Pick of the Week > S.H.Figuarts Super Mario


It’s the Super Mario figure you’ve always wanted. At $24.99, it’s one of the less expensive S.H.Figuarts figures, and there are two separate diorama accessory sets available as well. Click here to order!

Rest of the new in-stock and pre-orders items after the jump!

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Sponsors News > Nerd Rage Toys

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Hey toy fans!

We have a few quick updates this week with the addition of some awesome new items to our inventory.

New in stock to our Ninja Turtles section are the Technodrome & Sewer Playsets, as well as new figures and vehicles.

Also added is a nice selection of GI Joe 25th, Rise of Cobra, Pursuit of Cobra, and 30th Anniversary figures & vehicles, as well as Prototype figures from the Rise of/Pursuit of Cobra lines.

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Sponsor Update > Nerd Rage Toys

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Hey toy fans!

We have some awesome additions to the shop that you wont want to miss!

New Pre-Orders include Amazing Spider-Man wave 2 figures, featuring Toxin and Spider-Girl. As well as the simply amazing Arkham City Clay Face figure, standing an incredible 13″ tall!

In addition we have added some awesome Power Rangers items. Also, new to the Pre-Orders section are the Figuarts Yellow Ranger and the Legacy Dragonzord and Dragon Dagger. Both Legacy items are die-cast, and the Dragon Dagger includes Lights and sounds! We have also added a great selection of vintage Mighty Morphin Power Rangers items you wont want to pass up.

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Sponsor News > Nerd Rage Toys Update

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Happy New Year toys fans!

Hope you all are having a wonderful year thus far.

We are kicking the new year off with a bang.

Newly added product includes DC Collectibles, Gundam Wing, Voltron, Power Rangers, Robocop and more!

Poe’s Pick of the Week plus Iron Man, LotR, Tomb Raider, The Walking Dead, Star Wars, Godzilla 2014, Marvel, Power Rangers, Samus Aran & More at BBTS


Poe’s Pick of the Week > Pacific Rim 7″ 2 Pack Battle Damage Gypsy Danger Vs. Leatherback


If you missed out on the first round of NECA’s Pacific Rim Leatherback and/or the battle-damaged Gipsy Danger, here’s your chance to get both for just $34.99.

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Sponsor news from Nerd Rage Toys

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Here’s the latest update from PGPoA sponsor Nerd Rage Toys. -PG

Hey toy fans!

Just a quick holiday update!

The last day to get your orders in, and guarantee Christmas delivery in the continental U.S., is December 21st! All orders must be placed by 10AM EST.

That’s only a few days away!

We have added TONS of new product, and discounted almost 100 items.

There are plenty of last minute gift, but time is running out!

Check out our Bargain Bin for last minute stocking stuffers!!

Vintage Star Wars figures, vehicles, playsets and more!!

M-M-M-MASK. Masked crusaders working all the time, fighting crime!

The Infaceables! So weird they’re cool! Or are they? Find out for yourself!

Tons of TMNT items have been added! Cowabunga dude!

Do you have the power? Probably not. But He-Man does!

Make sure your gifts get their on time. Check the holiday shipping calendar.

Gift Certificates! The perfect gift for any collector!
Not sure what to get a friend or loved one? How about a Nerd Rage Toys gift certificate! Look for the link on the top right of the Nerd Rage Toys website!

Check out the rest of the great lines we have to offer.


SIGN UP for the Nerd Rage Toys weekly Newsletter.

Keep current on all of our great deals and news. Give it a look, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Thank you to everyone for your business, and Merry Christmas!

-Nerd Rage Toys

Cheap Amazon prices for Star Wars Black, Batman 1966


Amazon has some seriously cheap prices going on right now, especially if you’re a Prime subscriber (I am – between the free shipping and the Instant Videos, it’s totally worth it IMHO).

Star Wars Black 6″

Batman 1966

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Nerd Rage Toys’s Pre-Black Friday Sale

nerd rage toys logo

Nerd Rage Toys is having a Pre-Black-Friday sale through the end of the week! If you’re looking for some awesome deals, you might want to check this out!

  • 15%-20% off Star Wars Black
  • Up to 44% off select Marvel Legends
  • Up to 50% off select GI Joe Retaliation figures
  • 20% off Transformers
  • 25% off vintage The Real Ghostbusters
  • Up to 33% off select Walking Dead items
  • Plus much more!

This stuff is going quick, so don’t be left in the dust!

Poe’s Pick of the Week plus Voltron, Marvel Select, FT-04, Warbotron, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, New 52, GI Joe, Eaglemoss, Funko, Bowen & More at BBTS


Poe’s Pick of the Week > DC Total Heroes: Mr. Freeze


I’m very curious to see how collectors respond to the 6″ Total Heroes line. At a $13 price point, they’re more competitive than most comparable 6″ lines out there. I chose to use Mr. Freeze as the example figure because there’s obviously a lot to like – the details and the metallic blue sheen, for example.

However, the articulation is obviously a step back from DC Universe Classics – there is no biceps swivel or even an elbow ball-and-hinge. I believe the idea behind this line is to try to appeal to both kids/parents (lower price, more stylized and colorful designs) and adult collectors (scale and articulation, character selection). The stylized look also avoids competing with DC Collectibles, who seem to have taken the reigns of producing 6″-7″ “realistic” superhero figures for DC.

I honestly have no idea whether this line will succeed. It’s not compatible with DC Universe Classics and represents a step backward in terms of sculpting detail and articulation. But my hunch is that while many collectors will eschew them at first, as more characters get added they’ll be drawn in by the consistency of style and character selection. And obviously some collectors (Nathan Newell and Phil Reed, for example) may be on board immediately.

Still, let’s all have a moment of silence for the end of DC Universe Classics.

(Also, Dr. Mrs. Ghostal would like to me to mention that Mr. Freeze should be properly addressed as Dr. Freeze.)

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