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Doc Thomas Probes > Most Wanted, Left 4 Dead Edition

Since Poe so kindly allowed me to start writing articles for his site as a favor and part of my community service, the very best response I’ve had was to the Most Wanted column, where I talked about the many action figures that I so dearly desired for my collection to sate the addiction, and that’s no surprise: every passionate collector has characters and properties that they’re passionate about seeing in plastic on their shelf. That’s part of the fun of the whole hobby, why everyone gets so excited for SDCC and announcements – the pleasure of having our plastic fantasies realised. (That sounds much worse than I’d intended. My apologies.)

Batman: Arkham Asylum figures possibly awesomest things ever made by DCD

Seriously. OK, so the articulation isn’t great, and Batman really should have black and not blue highlights (and if you don’t think DC Direct will be selling that repaint at some point, have I got a bridge for you). And of course, DCD’s overly-cautious nature has them striking when the iron is red-hot, a good fourteen months after the game’s debut and months or perhaps years before the sequel hits.

But that doesn’t make these figures any less supremely awesome. I’m already thinking this entire set may be worth a pre-order. Thoughts?

God of War: A Newbie’s Impressions

One of the main reasons I was really excited to get a PS3 this past Christmas was because Sony was releasing the God of War Collection–the first two God of War games in a single $40 package and updated with hi-res graphics and anti-aliasing. I’d been aware of God of War since the first game came out, and I certainly knew its reputation; and NECA’s great action figures made me even more interested.

I finished the game last week. Here are my impressions.

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