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Vincent’s Viewpoint > The SDCC G.I. Joe / Transformers Set!


Howdy folks, it’s been a long time since I shouted at you on Poe’s site, but here I am again with my impressions of the 2013 SDCC G.I. Joe exclusive Transformers themed set. You may know me from my musings over at The Robot’s Pajamas, but I decided to write this piece up for Poe since he was so kind to provide me with this set. No, he didn’t just give it to me. I had to pay… and pay dearly. Was it worth it!? Let’s see…

Paul’s Peg > And Now For Some Super Lame Star Wars Stuff

After geeking out over the new AT-ST, I knew that there had to be some Star Wars product coming down the pipe that had to be ultra lame to make up for it. I was right! Here’s a collection of some of the lamest Star Wars toys headed to a store near you!

Anakin Skywalker Desert Sport Skiff


This is after Anakin went native on Tatooine or something and what fashion sense! He’s rocking a poncho and a skirt! This Jedi is setting trends. And yes, that skiff was Luke Skywalkers from the Power of the Force line in the 1990s and it hasn’t gotten any better.

Paul’s Peg > I Needs a Spider-Woman Bad

Now that we’re a couple of waves into the 3 3/4th inch Marvel Universe line from Hasbro, what’s everyone’s thoughts on them? I’ve been sort of happy with the line except for one big problem, the cost. It sucks paying eight bucks for one figure. It’s really limited what I get. Instead of buying a bunch of ninjas for Wolverine to fight, I have zero and I’m super picky about what heroes and villains I do pick up. I’m still on board with the line though, and I’m looking towards the future for some of the upcoming figures. The next comic wave in particular has got me school girl excited.


Paul’s Peg > The Playmates Star Trek Survey


While at the recent Wizard run Chicago Comic Con I went on a sort of frenzied spree buying old Playmates Star Trek figures. There were tons of them for five bucks or less, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to finally check out these figures after missing all of them when they were originally released. A few of the figures came with customer response cards from Playmates, so I did what any rational person would do. I filled out one of the nearly ten year old surveys. After answering questions about my birth date and address I filled out the rest of the card. Here’s what I put:

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