Say Ashley Wood and I suspect the first thing that may come to mind will be his World War Robot toys.

Giant, clanking war-bots with vinyl limbs, preposterously huge weapons, an unexpected amount of articulation and amazing paint jobs (or ‘colourways’ as they are known in threeA land).

Quite aside from his comics, Wood (along with threeA co-founder Kim) has been causing quite the splash with his ‘Bots. They seem to bridge the gap between action figure and art toy collector quite neatly. And while I’ve always been intrigued, it’s never been enough to actually buy one. There is something quite distinct about the design, an acquired taste I think, much like Wood’s art work itself and I’ve never been able to get myself quite past the ‘water boiler’ aesthetic even if I can appreciate that the things look very World War 1 or even a little steampunk, something I usually go for.