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Ten Good and Bad Action Figure-related Things from SDCC 2013 (by Nemo Eight)

Please welcome a new PoeGhostal.com contributor, the eldritch Nemo Eight!

As a long time attendee of the San Diego Comic Con, Poe has asked me to share my thoughts on some of the major news from the show. Since this is primarily (at least to date) an action figure blog that’s where I’ll focus my attention, and fortunately that won’t be too hard.


Poe’s Point > Thoughts on SDCC 2013, Part I: Tamashii Nations, NECA

Photo by Rustin Parr

Photo by Rustin Parr

First and foremost, I would like to offer my immense thanks to Ridureyu for working so hard to keep us all informed and up-to-date as possible on developments at SDCC. It allowed me to relax* a lot more and recharge my batteries before what I hope turns out to be a very busy August here on PoeGhostal.com. Please be sure to visit Nerditis, where Ridureyu writes regularly about toys.

And now, presented in no particular order, are my thoughts on the various news and reveals at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

NECA Predator Skull Pack now available on Amazon


The NECA Predator “Skull Pack,” designed to go with the NECA Predator wall display, is now available on Amazon.

Pic of the Day > Alien Warrior – Revoltech (Kaiyodo) by sir_winger

Alien Warrior - Revoltech (Kaiyodo)

Alien Warrior – Revoltech (Kaiyodo) by sir_winger

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Review > Xenomorph Warrior (Aliens, NECA)



Rather than go over the same ground over and over, if you want to check out my thoughts and history with Alien toys, check out my other reviews over the years:

In the third review above, I state that the NECA Requiem figure is the best Alien action figure, despite coming from a terrible film. So, does the new Xenomorph Warrior from Aliens take the crown?

Review > Corporal Dwayne Hicks (Aliens, NECA)


Poe’s Note: Two things: one, this is a sponsored review – NECA sent me these samples for free. Two, you’ll notice a small black stand in some photos, to aid posing. It did not come with the figure, but was borrowed from NECA’s Dead Space 2 Necromorph Slasher figure).

Michael Biehn James Cameron’s go-to guy for four huge movies (the two Terminator flicks, Aliens, and The Abyss), plus the Michael Bay-directed The Rock, but after that he never quite had that level of celebrity again. His IMDB page shows he’s been in a lot more than I realized, yet except for Grindhouse I didn’t actually remember any non-Cameron movies or TV shows I’d seen him in. Seems like Cameron could have at least tapped him for one of the many forgettable roles in Avatar. And how did he never voice a Marine in a Halo game?

Hicks has had four previous figures that I know of: one from Kenner, one from McFarlane Toys, and both a 12″ and a 4″ from Hot Toys. The McFarlane likeness was passable, but the other three ranged from bad to “we didn’t bother to license the likeness.” 

Review > Private William Hudson (Aliens, NECA)



Poe’s Note: Two things. One, this is a sponsored review – NECA sent me these samples for free. Two, you’ll notice a small black stand in some photos, to aid posing. It did not come with the figure, but was borrowed from NECA’s Dead Space 2 Necromorph Slasher figure).

Y’know, when I first encountered Aliens in the late 1980s – mostly likely in edited-for-TV (or possibly unedited) form on the Movie Loft with Dana Hersey on TV38 – I was dying for toys from the movie. I’ve told this story before, but I did once see the 1979 Kenner 12″ Alien at a flea market for a whopping $200 and begged my parents for it (my parents, who had given me Fortress Maximus one Christmas, wisely stood their ground on this one). The only Alien “toy” I ever got as a kid was a tiny little gaming miniature that fell apart immediately. By the time the Kenner Aliens stuff came around, I did pick up a few figures (the Scorpion Alien, the Gorilla Alien and Bishop), but I wasn’t really into toys at that point.

Pic of the Day > Kenner Aliens Scorpion Alien action figure by splittyhead

Kenner Aliens Scorpion Alien action figure

Kenner Aliens Scorpion Alien action figure by splittyhead

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Identify the Toy > Purple Kenner Gorilla Alien?

A reader sends this along:

I need help! I just purchased this figure. It’s not any known color variant. I’m not sure if it’s a custom (it doesn’t appear to be) or a prototype. I haven’t received it yet so I’m not sure if it has any tm/manufacturing stamps. do you know any experts? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Review > The Deacon (Prometheus, NECA)


Click on any photo for a larger version.

Like Poe said a while ago, Prometheus really isn’t a very good movie. And yet, I own it. And watch it. It raises some interesting discussion, especially on the difference between the philosophies of Dan O’Bannon, who wrote Alien, and Ridley Scott, who wrote Prometheus. Another thing is how much Scott flip-flopped on whether it was part of the Alien franchise or not. But of course it is. In fact, one of the early finished scripts had a bunch of xenomorphs, including a boneless one with tentacles. At the end of that version of the movie, a gigantic “Ultramorph” was going to burst out of an Engineer, and Dr. Shaw would have had to fight it with a diamond-tipped chainsaw. This did not make it into the final movie. The teaser before the end credits is all that remains of this. Remember? The one with the proto-xenomorph hatching out of the Engineer?

Called “The Deacon” because of the shape of its head, this little creature serves as the final link between Prometheus and Alien, showing what might be a prototype xenomorph design, or maybe a variant, or maybe what one looks like when it’s born out of the bigger Engineer aliens, who knows. But in a really good idea, NECA has made a toy of this creature. That’s really all we wanted from the movie, anyway. Toys! So, let’s see how this one stacks up!

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