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Guest Review > ThreeA 2000 AD A.B.C. Warriors Mongrol

Pretty much every team of heroes has one: the big guy whose chief role is to lift stuff, smash things and hit people. The Avengers had the Hulk, the Fantastic Four has the Thing and the A.B.C. Warriors have Mongrol…

In the late 20th century a fascist uprising in the Volgograd area of Russia turns to a full blown coup and the Volgan Republic of Asia is born. Soon the Volgans begin a rapid invasion of the rest of Western Europe, including the British Isles, igniting a third world war.

The United States retaliates but quickly realises that 21st century combat requires a new kind of soldier to deal with the atomic, bacteriological and chemical threats on the future battlefield. The A.B.C. Warriors were born.

ThreeA Toys Special World War Robot Portable to benefit Japan – on sale at 9pm

Onsale only at bambalandstore.com, for $55 usd, shipping is included in that price. Every $ made goes to a Japan quake relief charity ! there is a limit on how many we can make, so once they are gone, they.. gone ! So if your into helping a good cause and getting a damn cool bot, swing by at 9-00am Hong Kong time on the 29th of March.

That’s tonight at 9pm ET. I got both this news and the image from ActionFigurePics–ordinarily I wouldn’t just repost it here, but it’s for a good cause. (That said, do Ron a favor and click on that link anyway, especially if you end up buying one.)

Check out the fine print that says all previous Japanese customers of ThreeA get a free toy! Amazing. It’s been clear for a while now that ThreeA is an amazing toy company, but clearly they’re great people, too.

Pic of the Day


Popbot by dangercorpse

Guest Review > Little Shadow (Ashley Wood, threeA)

Say Ashley Wood and I suspect the first thing that may come to mind will be his World War Robot toys.

Giant, clanking war-bots with vinyl limbs, preposterously huge weapons, an unexpected amount of articulation and amazing paint jobs (or ‘colourways’ as they are known in threeA land).

Quite aside from his comics, Wood (along with threeA co-founder Kim) has been causing quite the splash with his ‘Bots. They seem to bridge the gap between action figure and art toy collector quite neatly. And while I’ve always been intrigued, it’s never been enough to actually buy one. There is something quite distinct about the design, an acquired taste I think, much like Wood’s art work itself and I’ve never been able to get myself quite past the ‘water boiler’ aesthetic even if I can appreciate that the things look very World War 1 or even a little steampunk, something I usually go for.

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