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It Came from the Attic > Keychain of Keychains


Despite being old enough to own my own house, I still have a ton of junk in my parents’ attic. I’m slowly moving all of that stuff to my home. Occasionally I come across something fun, weird or amusing from my past. It Came From the Attic is a series of posts about these odds and ends.

For a while in the early 1990s, I went through a period where I did a lot of traveling. Between school and family trips, I visited a lot of places that had gift shops. Being the sort of person who needs a trinket, memento, bauble, trinket, knick-knack, or totem to commemorate every single thing that happens to me, during this time I had decided to collect keychains. This wouldn’t last – primarily because I stopped traveling as much – but it left me with a decent collection of keychains circa 1991-1994. And lucky you, you get to read about every single one of them!

Odds ‘n Ends > Rising action figure prices, articulation debates, Hoverboard disappointment, Pacific Rim


LOT of ground to cover today folks, so let’s get right to it.


Phil Reed of Battlegrip recently posted “Five Reasons Why Action Figures Cost More Today.” Phil knows what he’s talking about and you should check out the whole thing, which focuses largely on economic factors such as rising labor and materials costs. But one thing that interested me was the first comment on the post, which mentioned the declining birthrate in Western countries. That reminded me of this post by Richard Gottlieb that I read recently, “U.S. Birthrate Plummets; Look for Fewer Children in Four Years.” Richard begins the article with, “If there was ever a case to be made for marketing toys to adult end users…” Hasbro has clearly embraced this idea, but if I had to guess I’m willing to bet there’s still a struggle going on at Mattel between the generations over how to approach the collectors’ market.

Poe’s Point > What’s Mattycollector’s New Subscription?

As we wait for SDCC to begin in earnest tonight, let us indulge in one final orgy of speculation regarding the “new” subscription Mattycollector will be offering.

Ask Mattel > Answers for October 1

1.) As I understand it, the first Four Horsemen-sculpted Arkham City figure will be Harley Quinn. Will the Horsemen be sculpting any future Arkham City figures as well?

Yes, they will be sculpting future figs.      

Odds ‘n Ends > October 21, 2010


  • DST answered my Minimate question. Bummer, but not unexpected. Still, Hellboy MMs seem like a no-brainer to me. BTW, the ones above were created by Minimate customizer extraordinaire Bob Harris. Click the pic for more pics of his many customs, including Dr. McNinja and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.
  • Mattel has posted some Shadow Beast pics on their Facebook page. Looks pretty neat, but I prefer Gygor.
  • I’ve got a bunch of reviews I owe you, including, of course, Roboto. Planning to get to at least one of them tonight.
  • I recorded a guest appearance on OrccaCast last night. It should be up shortly before Halloween, I believe. I’ve also got an appearance on another pretty big podcast fairly soon, but I’m going to save that news for now.
  • Finally, I’ve received a test shot of the PGPoA-exclusive Spy Monkey Creations accessory. Some changes were needed, but once I get the revised test shot, I’ll go ahead and make the announcement.
  • Question for today: what would you name a subscription for 6″ Back to the Future figures on Mattycollector? My submission is Club Flux Capacitor. Kind of a mouthful, though.

Mattel to do Back to the Future toys? (Update: confirmed?)

This is completely a rumor, and as always, consider the source. But Shocker Toys just posted on their Facebook page that Mattel got the rights to Back to the Future.

BTTF Classics? Is it even possible? If they really did get the license, I would expect the same 6″, 12″ and Mego treatment Ghostbusters got.

Anyway, thanks to Novelty of Toy a Day for pointing this out to me.

UPDATE 1: Word from a reliable source is that this came from a Universal Studios press release, and that while it does say Mattel got the toy rights, that doesn’t mean we’re necessarily getting action figures. Trying to find the press release now; if anyone has it and wants to forward it to poe AT poeghostal.com, credited or anonymously, I’d be mighty grateful.

UPDATE 2: More or less confirmed here.

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