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Pic of the Day > Bif Bang Pow! Retro Bionic Bigfoot figure by splittyhead

Bif Bang Pow! Retro Bionic Bigfoot figure

Bif Bang Pow! Retro Bionic Bigfoot figure by splittyhead

Odds ‘n Ends > September 22, 2011

  • Toynewsi has links to new pics of the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Batman Arkham Asylum figures. I’m really looking forward to these. A lot. A lot a lot. All I need is a preorder link.
  • You may or may not have heard of the campaign to save the 3 ¾ Venture Bros. toy line. If they don’t hit a certain pre-order goal, Bif Bang Pow can’t make the line. So they’ve teamed up with Entertainment Earth to try and get those pre-orders through, and I heartily comment their effort. You can do me, EE, Jackson Publick, Bif Bang Pow, and yourself a solid by pre-ordering (via my affiliate link) right here.
  • Another day, another Arkham City Batman skin–this one for Sinestro Corps Batman. What interests me here is that here’s wearing the same suit as the DCUC figure, which, to my knowledge, has never appeared in the comics.
  • As I’ve mentioned  here and on Twitter a few times, I commissioned another custom from MasterEnglish, maker of 339/1. MasterEnglish is going to reveal said custom, which looks awesome, at PowerCon this weekend…but I couldn’t resist this little, tiny preview hint.
  • It appears that the Wind Raider has been delayed and will not be in the October 17 Mattycollector sale. No word on when it will be sold.
  • I’ve been messing around with some DCUC figures lately, and I have to say that losing the rocker ankles really hurts their poseability. I never knew how much I loved that joint until it was gone.

Odds ‘n Ends > February 1, 2011 (Updated)

  • I finally remembered to pick a winner in the Parasite/Hawkgirl contest–it was Reverend Ender. Congrats, RE!
  • The blog Collider has hi-res pics of some of the Bandai Thundercats toys. No pics of the 8″ Classics line yet, though. You can also see the full product list here.
  • It looks like Bif Bang Pow‘s second series of Lost figures may not be produced due to low sales. No surprise there. Look, I don’t want to bag on BBP; they seem like decent guys who really love toys. But Mego-style Lost figures was a bad idea from the start. And now Lost itself is pretty passé. To BBP: Please move on to 6″ non-Mego style Venture Bros. figures. (from Island of Lost Megos, via OAFE)
  • And also make a Prince Vultan for the Flash Gordon line–heck, make it Mego style if you have to, I don’t care. But I think we’ve all waited long enough for a winged action figure of Brian Blessed in kitten heels. (I’m deadly serious here.)
  • Mattel has asked a few websites, such as AFI, to put together a list of QC/engineering problems with the DCUC/MOTUC lines and present them, with pics, at NYTF. Since I’m going, I don’t mind spearheading an operation for this here on PGPoA, if people are interested. Let me know below, and if you are, I’ll put up a specific post and email address for submissions.
  • Update: NOW I remember what my last Odd/End was going to be: the Sword of Ages and the Dread Axe of Darkness will be returning this month!

SDCC > Rustin Parr’s Report, Day 3

Friday 7/23

What does one do on Day 2 when the vast majority of exclusive figures on their list were acquired on Day 1? Stroll and go to Panels! And pick up the voucher pre-sale stuff from Matty, of course (incredibly painless and easy – Hasbro, et al, should take note and do the same!).

Saturday Sponsor Shill Session

I try to maintain a minimal number of ads on this site, but I still do have to pay the bills to keep it running–and maybe make a little money to keep buying the toys you enjoy reading about. I write this blog out of love, but the truth is writing for free sucks and it’s a lot more satisfying if I can get something out of it.

Poe’s Point Special > Toy Fair 2010

It would be impossible and way too much work for me to cover all the awesome stuff coming out of this year’s Toy Fair. The awesomeness seems to be hearkening back to the good old days of the early 2000s…anyway, instead of trying to list everything, I’m just going to hit the highlights of the stuff I’m excited about. But feel free to use this as the catch-all Toy Fair discussion thread.

Masters of the Universe Classics

Of course we start here. We’ve had hints and suggestions of all the stuff that was revealed, but frankly, I was never really 100% sure we were going to see Tytus or, even more insane, Gy-Gor–who looks much better than I’d imagined he would as a Gorilla Grodd repaint. Anyway, the reveals were:

Wow. Where to start with all this?

Bif Bang Pow to make Venture Bros. toys

First off, yes I know this news is like, so totally yesterday so shut up and lemme alone.

Bif Bang Pow, makers of the Flash Gordon and Dexter action figures, has scored the license to The Venture Bros.

From the press release:

First to be released from the line is a series of 7-inch scale resin bobble heads targeted for spring 2010. Action figures are scheduled to hit the market in the summer of 2010. These fully articulated figures will include the series most popular and recognizable characters including Dr. Venture, The Monarch, Brock Samson, Hank & Dean Venture and more. Several exclusives are also in the works. More detailed information about the products will be made available in the coming weeks.

It’s about damned time, no?

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