Friday was the debut of the G.I. Joe animated project entitled, “G.I. Joe Resolute”. The premier consisted of two short episodes on Adult Swim’s website and quite frankly, they seriously rocked socks. Before I get to my impressions, I need to go on a bit of a rant. The very idea behind Resolute is one that I demand more of, that is, cartoons made for a more adult audience without sacrificing adult story elements for the sake of children. I know that anime has serious story lines and adult themes, but there’s something about 99% of anime that I can’t connect with. Inevitably when trying to watch any anime, I can’t connect with something, be it plot, characterization, or dialogue. I’ve always wanted to see the kinds of themes and stories found in anime, but with western style stories that weren’t dumbed down for kids. Shows like Justice League Unlimited have been a big step forward along with some of the direct to DVD stuff out there, but it has taken us a very long time to even get close to destroying the misconception that cartoons equal children’s entertainment. I want to thank Hasbro for at least trying something like this.