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Castlevania - Series 1 ( Neca )

Castlevania – Series 1 ( Neca ) by Leandro [ Egon ]

Review > Simon Belmont (Castlevania, NECA)


Being on something of a fantasy jag lately, I did one of those things where you look at a figure in  store for months and months and months and finally break down and buy it. In this case it was for NECA’s Simon Belmont from their Castlevania line, who oddly enough hasn’t had any major reviews as far as I can tell.

For the record, I don’t know anything about Castlevania. I vaguely recall playing the original NES game when I was seven or eight. I think this line is based on that game, or maybe NECA just picked and chose from among the various incarnations, since Alucard wasn’t in Castlevania.

I decided to pick up Simon because he looked like a cool barbarian figure–not so much Conan as Kull, another Robert E. Howard character. The clincher was all the articulation and accessories.

It’s worth noting that this is the second Simon Belmont NECA has released–the first was this goofy SDCC exclusive.

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