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Scott Neitlich (ToyGuru) on the State of the Subs


With three weeks to go, the MOTUC and DC subscriptions aren’t in great shape – especially considering we’re nearly a week past the SDCC reveals.

Before we go further, how about a trip down memory lane?

Now, I’ll be surprised if Club Eternia doesn’t go through. I feel like we go through this every single year, and by August 19 the numbers will be there (or maybe they’ll extend it a week or two). Club Infinite Earths I’m not so sure about.

Mattycollector to Reopen ALL 2013 Subscriptions


Damn, it feels good to use that pic again. I love that pic.

From April 15 through April 30, collectors can subscribe to the remaining eight months of Club Eternia, Club Infinite Earths, Club Black Freighter and Club Filmation. All figures (including incentives) sold from January through April will not be included.

So this is…weird. I’d say it’s troubling, too – potentially suggesting that Mattel is having trouble making enough money off these lines – but we know that any of the subs that had targets were reached. As usual, all I can do is speculate. I’ve never had any idea what the hell was going on behind the scenes at Mattel. Maybe they’re just being nice?


Odds ‘n Ends > Troops of Doom Turns 5, Mattel reveals a Filmation accessory, Playing with Toys


  • Troops of Doom writes in to let us know they’ve just turned 5 years old, with 523 comics and 118 extra photos to date. The next five episodes will feature “Become a Troop of Doom” contests where readers can have a character named after them and have a recurring role in the comic.
  • Mattel apparently sent out an email to 2013 Club Eternia subscribers revealing an accessory for an unrevealed Filmation sub figure, but I of course didn’t receive it despite being a subscriber. Anyway, it’s a sabre, and almost certainly belongs to Sea Hawk, a.k.a Etheria’s answer to Han Solo.
  • Christopher Tupa is looking for toy collectors to send him stories about playing with toys for a book he’s putting together called, appropriately, Playing with Toys. He plans to offer the book either for free or for a $1 fee that will go toward charity. If you’re interested in submitting something, check it out here. It sounds like a very cool project and I urge everyone to consider submitting.
  • Poester Barbecue17 has started a new series on his blog, ThEpicReview, where he examines the action figure history of various celebrities. Called “Stars in Plastic,” the inaugural entry features none other than the star of the decreasingly awesome Die Hard movies, Bruce Willis.
  • If you’re a fan of Funko’s POP Vinyl line, check out the work of The Funkustomizer, who, true to his name, creates custom Funko POP! figures. The Tom Baker Doctor Who and Space Ghost are two of my favorites.
  • I don’t always pass along promotional emails, but I was contacted personally by the folks behind Brobo, which are adorable plush anime-style robots, and I wanted to pass it along. They’re half toy, half night-light, all cop cute.

Digital River Steals Mattel’s Thunder on MOTUC Reveals (Spoilers)


First off, for anyone who hasn’t heard, I’m not going to Toy Fair. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the nail in the coffin was the blizzard. It’s a bummer, but I’ll be doing my usual armchair coverage from here at home. Which, yes, means actual posts here on the site.

It feels like it’s been a while since we’d had a good Digital River/Mattel screw-up. Even the subscription section of Mattycollector was more or less working! But it couldn’t last, and someone digging around in a public image directory stumbled upon a bunch of images of previously-unrevealed Masters of the Universe Classics, Club Infinite Earths and Club Black Freighter products. I’m not sure who first posted the images, but it may have been the DASH blog.

Happy Netossa Day!



So here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • MOTUC: Netossa™ (monthly figure, included with Club Eternia® subscriptions)
  • MOTUC: Horde Prime™ (remaining Customer Service stock – not included with Club Eternia subscriptions; eligible for Early Access)
  • MOTUC: Griffin™ (remaining Customer Service stock – not included with Club Eternia subscriptions; eligible for Early Access)
  • DCUSaint Walker (monthly figure, included with Club Infinite Earths subscriptions)
  • Watchmen: Rorschach (bi-monthly figure, included with Club Black Freighter subscriptions)

Just a reminder, subscribers only have Early Access to items from the same line (i.e., MOTUC subscribers don’t have early access to Rorschach).

It should also be noted that the “My Subscriptions” function is finally active, albeit it still appears to have some problems according to early reports. I had to use it myself – despite making a new credit card my default credit card for Mattycollector, I still needed to change the card specifically used for my subscription.

MOTUC & DC Sub Press Pics

OK, I said I wasn’t going to write about the subs anymore and I’m not, but I thought some of you – the ones who never visit any other sites, anyway – might appreciate a look at the press pics Mattel issued yesterday. The text beneath each one is from Mattel.

Club Eternia 2013

Our next POP figure will hopefully be Netossa, one of the hardest of the vintage figs to track down! She comes with a net/cape and her shield! If the sub happens she will be the Jan monthly figure.

Club Eternia 2013: What Would It Take For You to Subscribe?

Tyrantisaurus Lomography

Tyrantisaurus Lomography by geekyvixen, on Flickr

In just a few days – this Friday at 3pm ET, to be exact – we’ll find out the first three to five figures in the 2013 Club Eternia subscription. (Assuming it doesn’t get leaked ahead of time…)

It seems to me that MOTUC’s status as one of the premiere toy lines has been fading, and I suspect 2013 may represent the lowest subscriber numbers yet. My question to you is: what would it take you to re-subscribe? What characters do you want to see? What characters don’t you want to see?

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