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Happy Great Unrest Weapons Pak Day!

Link to the all-in-one order page

For the first time since the Wind Raider, I think, I’m actually going to be attempting to order something off Mattycollector. I’ve been remiss about posting these “Happy…” Mattycollector posts since the subscription became standard and there have been few things people actually had to order, but the Great Unrest pack is probably going to be popular enough to merit it.

Here’s a review of the Weapons Pak at Fwoosh.

Odds ‘n Ends > Newgistics Delays, MOTUC Grayskull Astronaut, DCAS Wave 3 Lineup

  • After last week’s surprisingly swift arrival of Fearless Photog, who shipped out on 2/16 and arrived on 2/22, my second sub–the one with the Sorceress, Fisto, Shadow Weaver and the map–has been listed as “in transit” from Nevada since 2/17. A cursory check of He-Man.org’s forums shows other people in the same boat. I like the take by Rob from Topless Robot: “It left Vegas on 2/20 and is now roaming the countryside, on some kind of adventure to find itself.” Once the option to change shipping is available with the subscription center on Mattycollector (whenever that gets fixed), I am switching back to UPS.
  • Over on his blog, Joe Amaro has posted an amazing MOTUC custom of the “Protector,” that bizarre “astronaut” cardboard cutout that was part of the original Castle Grayskull playset. He also posted new pics of his Ram Man custom.
  • BigBadToyStore has posted preorders (including singles) for DC All Stars waves 2 and 3. Wave 2, you’ll recall, will include Red Robin, Supergirl, New 52 Flash and New 52 Superman; but we now know wave 3 will feature Batgirl (version unknown), New 52 Batman, Hawkman (version unknown), and Steel w/ Hammer (I’m guessing it’s a re-release of the DCSH figure, but who knows?).

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