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Poe’s Point > Did Storage Wars Stage a Big Action Figure Find?

Dr. Mrs. Ghostal and I got into the A&E show Storage Wars a few weeks ago. I’ve never been one for these reality shows – I’ve never watched Antiques Roadshow or Pawn Stars or American Pickers and hell, even that one Toy Hunters episode has been sitting on my DVR, unwatched, since January or whenever it aired. But after a comment from Power Pal Ben Leach, I decided to watch a few eps of SW and got hooked.

Of course, like many such shows, you can find no shortage of Internet commentary claiming it’s entirely staged – particularly an episode in which some buyers, Jarrod and his wife Brandi, discover an extremely valuable cache of vintage Mego Super Heroes. There’s a thread about it at the Mego Museum and the consensus is that it was entirely staged; one fellow claims to know the collector who “donated” the figures to the show.

Pic of the Day > the big blue boy scout by Johnson Cameraface

the big blue boy scout

Mattel Unveils (Some) SDCC 2012 Exclusives

From Mattycollector.com

Masters of the Universe® Vykron™ ($30)

If clothes make the He-Man®, then this pitch prototype for the 1982 lineup is destined to be the star of the MOTU 30th Anniversary celebration thanks to a choice of three outfits: barbarian, spaceman, and military warrior! You’ll get him in-package dressed as a barbarian only at SDCC , but you can find him here at MattyCollector.com after the show packed as a spaceman or military warrior (all three outfits are included regardless of where he’s purchased). Want to know more about this multi-purpose warrior? Set includes one “buck,” or figure, with three different outfits/helmets to interchange between space, military and barbarian looks. Check back for the history of Vykron™, soon to be disclosed…

Odds ‘n Ends > Battle Beasts, Disney/WB, & a new Outer Space (Wo)man?

  • As of this posting it’s just under a day and a half to go until we find out what Diamond Select’s plans are for Battle Beasts (probably at C2E2, if I had to guess). Keep an eye on this site.
  • As a favor to Poe Power Pal and resident homicidal maniac Doc Thomas, please “Like” the Australian store Popcultcha on Facebook. If they get 10,000 likes, they’ll have a 20%-off-everything sale, and Doc Thomas has promised to review every single thing he buys here on PGPoA. (Actually I just made that last part up, but I’m going to hold him to it anyway.)
  • Bored at work? Poester Sped linked me to this list of “30 Cool Toy Commercials From the ’90s.”
  • Topless Robot picked up on my “DC Universe Tragic” post, and Rob agrees that the problem is as much DC as it is Mattel. I noticed in the comments the growing idea that the superhero comics of the big two are a dying medium that will soon move almost entirely to movies/TV/videogames. I think that’s just as well, if only because at least that would force Disney/WB to employ some goddamned consistency (for a TV season, or at least two hours in a theater). Side note: how soon before Marvel/DC becomes Disney/WB?
  • I somehow missed this, but Outer Space Men creator Mel Birnkrant has created a new OSM member, “Terra Firma – the Woman From Space,” who will evidently be sculpted by the Horsemen and added to the OSM line. Since Major Matt Mason – the original, if unofficial, Earth OSM member – is owned by Mattel, I think the curvy Terra is a perfect fit. Or rather a “snug” fit, judging from that costume – ring-a-ding-ding!

DC Universe Tragic

I’ll admit I’ve been remiss in covering this, but Mattel’s DC toy lines are in trouble. Young Justice’s 4″ and 6″ lines have been cancelled; JLU ends this year. But what about the DC Universe 6″ lines? To quote the Magic 8-Ball, “Outlook  not so good.”

Odds ‘n Ends > New Sponsor, Facebook Question, Turtles Classics Pics

  • New Sponsor: Please join me in welcoming our newest sponsor, Xenon Project. Xenon Project sells remote control and replica vehicles such as the Hawkspy Helicopter w/ Spy Camera, the Destroyer RC Boat, and the 1:18 Dark Knight Tumbler. I don’t collect RC stuff myself, but every year my family sponsors a family in need for Christmas, and this past year all the kids wanted RC helicopters, so if you’re into RC or know any kids who are, check out Xenon Project. And remember, my sponsors keep this site going, so the more you check out (and if the mood strikes you, order) their wares, the more you support PGPoA.
  • I’m trying to think of a way to add value to PGPoA’s Facebook page (without moving the site exclusively to Facebook which, fear not, I will never do). It’s the place I share any interested toy-related news I come across from my Facebook connections, but I’d like to make it more worth a visit. Anyone have any ideas? I was considering moving one of the regular features over there – maybe Toy Aisle Trolls – but I’d rather come up with something new. Something that would be worth checking the page out for if you’re on Facebook, but not so good that the people who don’t want to use Facebook feel like they’re missing out.
  • This came up in my post on the new DC MOTU comic, but I wanted to reiterate here that the new miniseries is a brand-new canon, and writer James Robinson is free to use any character from any of the various canons. So we could see the likes of Draego-Man or Vikor. It almost makes me wish they’d gotten Paul Dini to write it, as you just know he would have brought back Plundor and made him all badass.
  • If you haven’t seen them already, head over to Infinite Hollywood and check out the new close-up pics of the Turtles Classics Raphael. These come from Dave Cortes’s studio, so there’s no guarantee at all that the production figures will look this good, but there are some nice turnarounds that show off the articulation.

DC Comics Launches New Masters of the Universe Comic

Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story!

The basics: it will be a six-issue miniseries written by James Robinson, with pencils by Phillip Tan and inks from Ruy Jose. For the full scoop, including an interview with James Robinson, visit MTV Geek.

I want to say I called this years ago when DC and Mattel joined forces for DCUC and the like, but I had set it aside when Dark Horse produced this year’s minicomics. Apparently that didn’t matter, and after thirty years, MOTU has returned to DC Comics. The 1980s DC is remains my favorite MOTU-related media of all time, so I’m curious to see whether this new series can match it.

The question is, does DC really think it can get away with not giving us a rematch for He-Man and Superman? A one-shot is all I ask.

Anyway, in short: great news. Also: man, the things you miss when you leave your computer for an hour to commute home. But why would MTV Geek release this at the end of the day, instead of the morning so that the blogs/Twitter/Facebook can discuss it all day? Internet usage plummets over the weekend.

Mattel SDCC news

Over on Mattycollector, Mattel has announced its panels for SDCC:

Comic-Con is coming!

For us toy collectors, the granddaddy of events has to be San Diego Comic-Con. The 2009 show starts July 23rd (preview night July 22nd) and runs through July 26th, and this year I’m bringing more cool stuff than ever before!

First off, we’ll have not one, but TWO fan panels at the show:

Mattel & DC Comics, a Powerful Partnership
Friday, JULY 24
11:00 AM – 12:00 NOON

Friday, JULY 24
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Then, visit me at Booth #2845, and you’ll find tons of new toys either just coming on the market or soon to come. We’ll have Ghostbustersâ„¢, DC Universe, DC Universe Classics, Infinite Heroes, Justice League Unlimited, Masters of the Universe Classics, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Disney/Pixar CARS, Toy Story, Hot Wheels, Scene It? The DVD Game, and the insane new Mindflex game — plus a few surprises!

Products will be sold starting preview night. Customer service and safety is our number one priority, so we’ll have a separate booth run by our Toy Club to handle sales. Lines will only be allowed to get as long as the designated roped-off area, but “fast-pass” tickets will be handed out to reserve your spot later that day. Limits on all exclusives will be six per person, per visit to the Mattel booth.

If you choose to wait in line a second time, you’ll be eligible to buy another 6 figures (there will also be a limit of six figures for online purchases after the show). It should all go very smoothly for the best buying experience yet!

We’re going to have plenty of gotta-get products available for sale, including (click each for all the scoop):

Can’t make it to Comic-Con? Fear not, fair comic fan! You’ll be able to get everything listed above on MattyCollector.com starting at 12:00 Noon on Monday, August 3rd, except these items:

  • SDCC variant He-Ro
  • SDCC variant Buzz Lightyear (with “Andy” on his foot)
  • SDCC Gleek (but the onder Twins without Gleek will be available)

Whew! That’s it for now, but stay tuned to MattyCollector.com, because I’ll have more news as Comic-Con gets closer.


Comic Review > Batman and Robin #1


I got on board Grant Morrison’s run on Batman just a month or two before the “Batman R.I.P.” storyline began. I was so fascinated (and sometimes frustrated) with what I read that I went back and bought every issue he’d written since #655.

After a brief interval taken up by the bombastic and exceedingly anticlimactic “Battle for the Cowl,” Morrison is back to writing the Caped Crusader. But this time, it’s Dick Grayson as the Dark Knight, and Morrison’s own controversial creation, Damian Wayne–the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul–as Robin.

I’ll admit I’m one of those people who think you really can’t replace Bruce Wayne. That particular superhero/secret identity dyad is too iconic, like Clark Kent and Superman. At one time, fans might have pointed to Wally West’s Flash or Kyle Rayner’s Green Lantern as evidence that this “legacy” idea can work, but–aside from the fact that Barry Allen and Hal Jordan are back anyway–both of those heroes had their own predecessors in the Golden Age. Unlike them, Bruce Wayne has been Batman since before the very first Flash or Green Lantern appeared in comics. The time to replace Batman was the early Silver Age, before the 1960s TV show cemented Batman and stately Wayne Manor as American cultural icons.

What’s more, it’s largely Morrison’s own fault it’s hard to accept anyone else as Batman now. It was Morrison who created the “Bat-god” in the pages of JLA, and this characterization was carried into the Justice League Unlimited cartoon. As Morrison has suggested in interviews, “Batman R.I.P.” was essentially a mediation on that idea.

The upshot of all this is: enjoy the ride while it lasts, because chances are Bruce will be back in the cowl within a year or two. With that in mind, Batman and Robin is shaping up to be a fun–and profoundly weird–ride.

Poe’s Point > Thoughts on Online Comics Archives

[Poe’s note: This is a bit of an experiment. It’s not exactly a toy-related post, and I do prefer to maintain my laser-like focus on toys, lest I water down the brand by making PGPoA yet another pop culture commentary/news site. So please, post a comment and let me know whether you find this interesting or would rather I stick to toy stuff. I have a few ideas for columns like this, but I can always post them over on my other blog, where I posted this one first.]

Marvel Comics has a great online service called Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, which allows users to read thousands of back issues for a monthly fee. It’s awesome, but I’m a DC guy these days, and I just don’t get why DC Comics hasn’t done it yet. If they did, I’d sign up in a second.

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