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Review > Scarecrow (Batman: Arkham Asylum, DC Direct)

"My head all full of stuffin', my heart all full of pain..."

It took a long, long time for Batman to get a game worthy of his name. But in Batman: Arkham Asylum, fans were finally given the opportunity to truly become the Dark Knight. A well-designed game from top to bottom with a great combat system, good dialogue, an intriguing, original story and a distinctive artistic style, Arkham Asylum was everything I loved about Batman and videogames in one amazing package.

The game’s aesthetic attempts to be both more “realistic” and more grotesque than the comics, and every character was given a redesign with that in mind. Batman’s outfit is the least altered, but he gets some Dark Knight-style armor pieces and, oddly enough, pupils. The Joker is stretched taller and thinner than usual and is given a touch of the disturbing “decayed” appearance of Heath Ledger’s portrayal, but with his trademark Conrad Veidt face from the comics. Harley Quinn is famously tarted up as a naughty nurse, but perhaps the most radical redesign among the game’s central characters is that of Scarecrow.

Pic of the Day > Cicero… by Clarkent78


Ask Mattel > Answers for March 1

1.) Elvis8Batman asks: DCUC. Do you plan on completing both the young sidekick versions of the Teen Titans team and the older Perez era version of the team as at the moment they are half and half?

Ideally, in time, we’ll get to both.

2.) RM asks: As a huge Shawn Michaels fan, and a fan of your fantanstic Elite-style WWE figures, I’ve been very much looking forward to adding a Mattel Shwn Michaels to my collection. One thing however has prevented me from doing so; the complete lack of chest hair on every Shawn Michaels figure to date. Shawn’s chest hair (and stubble) are trademark aspects of his “look”, and his figures just don’t look right without. Is there any chance that future Shawn Michaels figures going forward may have paint applications to correct this, to give fans the accruate figures that they desire?

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Batman vs Predator

Batman vs Predator by nokturnuzz

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Night or day, it doesn't matter. I protect Gotham.

Night or day, it doesn’t matter. I protect Gotham.
by jed fish

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Azrael by jed fish

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When the bat's away...

When the bat’s away… by jed fish

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Man-Bat by carlo_montoya

SDCC > Rustin Parr’s Report, Day 5

Sunday 7/26

140,000 people, 4.5 days, 1 convention – it all comes down to this.

The morning was spent re-orchestrating all of the previous buys into a somewhat manageable series of bags, you see typically we bring down large boxes to fill up but all of box army fell in battle against Recycle-Or several months hence. Once in order we checked out of the hotel, loaded up the car, then headed back down to the Hall for the final hurrah.

SDCC > Rustin Parr’s Report, Day 3

Friday 7/23

What does one do on Day 2 when the vast majority of exclusive figures on their list were acquired on Day 1? Stroll and go to Panels! And pick up the voucher pre-sale stuff from Matty, of course (incredibly painless and easy – Hasbro, et al, should take note and do the same!).

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