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Someone should bring back Dinosaucers. And make new toys.

Want a Dinosaucers action figure? [Update: Sold!]


A collector from Brazil has contacted me to let me know he has three Dinosaucers figures for sale (seen above). They’re used and have no accessories, but obviously they’re very, very rare items.

[Update: Sold!] The seller is interested in selling the figures and/or trading for a MOTUC Faker. If you’d like to get in touch with him, email me and I’ll pass it along.

Vintage Month > Ten Things I Always Wanted Toys of

dangermouse_02_200x250When I encounter something cool–a TV show, a movie, a book–I often end up wanting action figures from it. That’s not an unusual trait among toy collectors, but it’s something I’ve been doing ever since I was a wee tyke.

Here’s a list of ten things a young Poe always hoped to get action figures of, but never did.

Vintage Month > Dinosaucers

dinosaucers(All the toy photos you see below, and many more, can be found at Alex Bickmore’s Super Toy Archive.)

I’ve often explained the reason I love Grimlock so much is that he’s both a dinosaur and a robot. What could be better? Nothing. But a close second is the combination of dinosaurs and aliens, and for that, there was Dinosaucers.

I remember catching the show as an early-morning treat before I went off to elementary school (it came on around 7 a.m., while at 7:30 I would watch Dennis the Menace). Dinosaucers followed a very similar formula to Transformers: two warring groups of aliens come to Earth and have at it, causing lots of collateral damage to our planet (of course, the good guys befriend some human children). Rather than giant transforming robots, however, Dinosaucers featured giant talking alien dinosaurs.

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