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Doc Thomas Probes > Essential Accessories, Part II

Following on from last week and the ecstatic response by collectors and non-collectors alike, here is the second part of the two-hundred-and-sixty-seven-part-long series about the action figure accessories that you, the collector, simply must own! This is a special part including additions from the readers that I either neglected to mention, was going to mention later or simply completely forgot in a heroin-induced haze. Over to you!

5. Blades (Thanks, dayraven!)

Yes, guns get mentioned, and so do swords! But swords go part in parcel with butcher knives, switchblades, daggers, ninja swords, axes, swiss-army knives, machetes, scythes, foils, cleavers, and everything in between! Just as for ethnic gangs, bladed weapons are the source of amusement for many of your toys – not just your ninjas and vampire slayers, but also WALL-E!! He loves to cut. Not to mention…

Dollhouse custom figures (by MsBig)


Joe Acevedo’s CustomCon 23 is going on, and there are some great customs there, including this very cool set of Dollhouse customs by Sasha Powell, a.k.a. MsBig.

Commercially, I suspect Dollhouse would make for a better, say, Minimate property than a 6″ figure line–since most of the characters are just people in normal, if sometimes scanty, clothing–but these are neat.

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