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Odds ‘n Ends


  • I spent about an hour on the new Odds ‘n Ends pic, so I hope you like it–’cause you ain’t gettin’ anything else! I decided to go with a more vertical look this time around. You’d be amazed at how much I mess around with the positioning of the items until I’m satisfied with the look. As it is, I think there’s too much red/orange, but it’ll do.
  • DCUC Wave 6 seems to be arriving everywhere–except here in the Northeast, of course. An eBay search within 200 miles of my zip code comes up with nothing. Of course, I have these pre-ordered through Corner Store Comics anyway, but seeing all the pics on the Web–especially this one–doesn’t make the waiting any easier.
  • We’ve got an HDTV at the Chez Ghostal household, but no Blu-Ray player. I’m one of those people who thinks Blu-Ray is the new Laserdisc and within five years everything will be available via HD on-demand. But it still bugs me that I have to buy the regular ol’ DVD of The Dark Knight. I do like the digital copy it comes with, though, because…
  • …I can watch it on the new Ipod Touch I got for my birthday. I also downloaded Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, which I hadn’t seen because I am a lazy geek.
  • Speaking of being a lazy geek, every day I get more and more worried that I should be watching the new Doctor Who. But there’s only so many hours in the day, y’know? I still have to get around to watching the last season of Buffy and the last season-and-a-half of Angel.
  • This week’s question: What toy line will be the main focus of your collecting in 2009?

News roundup, 12/31/2008


Odds ‘n Ends

ODD: Not too much to discuss today…just trying to survive until the four-day weekend. Come this time next week, PGPoA–and the Poe household–will be in full holiday mode.

END: The DCUC Toys ‘R Us two-packs have started to show up, which is just a bit earlier than I predicted (early December). The only set I’m praying I ever see in person is the Orion/Lightray one, but there’s also a Batgirl/Azrael set (both of whom were previously released) and one with Hal Jordan (in his first appearance duds) and Abin Sur.

Poe’s Point > A Decade of eBay

This weekend marked my ten-year anniversary as a member of eBay. A young Poe first signed up on November 1, 1998.

For some obsessive reason, I’ve kept archives of thousands upon thousands of emails from my college years onward, but I apparently didn’t start doing that until my junior year. The earliest item I can find is from May 1999. It was an Emperor’s Royal Guard figure from the 1990s Power of the Force Star Wars line; I remember having a SW renaissance around that time, largely driven by videogames such as Jedi Knight and Rogue Squadron.

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