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SDCC > Rustin Parr’s Report, Day 2

Thursday – 7/22

The first full day of the con rolled out comfortably and stayed great all day long!

The one panel I was looking forward to most this year was the Tron: Legacy panel. However, it was the first panel of the day, of the Con, in Hall H which meant two things – one would have to get in line pretty early to ensure a seat and two it would steal the entire morning from Con/Exclusive purchasing. After long debating the last several days I erred on the side of Exclusives – the film will be out in a couple months anyway, but these toys will not. So rather than lust over film, I hauled ass to a booth I saw last night and bought me some MOTUC figures for just over retail, helping to fill in some major gaps.

Mattycollector Voucher Madness

The SDCC pre-sale opens up at 12pm ET. Will this work? I have no idea. Fingers crossed, I guess. Those of you pre-ordering, feel free to report back here.

JLU SDCC Green Lantern pics

What’s this? JLU news on PGPoA? No, your eyes do not deceive you!

Mattel has sent along these images of the San Diego Comic Con JLU exclusive Green Lantern set. Love the packaging.

Warning: As is always the policy here at PGPoA, I am posting the images at the full resolution they were sent to me. The packaging images are huge (4+ Mb each), so I recommend saving them rather than trying to view them here on the site.

There’s Another Transformers Exclusive…

In addition to the Soundwave Hasbro is offering at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, they announced that there will be another Transformer available in the form of a Mighty Mugg. It’s Optimus Prime sporting a new metallic finish.


Yeah, I’m not really that big into Mighty Muggs, so this doesn’t even blip on my radar as desirable. There’s a few Mighty Muggs that seem kind of cool, but Transformers make the worst transition to the world of these fake indie toys, due to the fact that Transformers are supposed to be blocky and not flattened out on round surfaces. Nevertheless, I’m sure I’m wrong because my wife said that Optimus here was, “adorable”.

Thanks to: Tformers

Soundwave in San Diego

Hasbro revealed this last week that the G1 Soundwave would be their exclusive Transformer at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Everyone’s favorite tape recording Decepticon will come with plenty of friends. He’s going to have Ravage, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, and Ratbat along with him at the show.


Personally, I’ve never been too terribly impressed with the Transformer exclusives. They just seem like simple repaints most of the time, but I’m not a huge Transformers fan so I guess I don’t have my finger on the pulse of what’s desirable. This Soundwave seems a hell of a lot more interesting than the usual offering, but I’ll definitely be skipping this one too. I managed to get a hold of the exclusive Toys R Us “reissue” from a few years ago. Yeah, I know that Soundwave had a different chest piece that held two mini-figs and that the San Diego version is the “true” one and he comes with extra cassettes, but I can only have so many Soundwaves. Anyone looking to get their hands on this guy?

Original Source: Transformers Collector’s Club

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode) for 1/16/09

fanmode-copy Jeff Parker reviews the Hot Toys The Dark Knight Bat-Pod 1/6-scale toy. Excerpt: “… for me it’s as near perfect as it could get …”

Jess C. Horsley reviews the Hot Toys The Dark Knight Two-Face/Harvey Dent 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “… Hot Toys once again proves they can make some of the best mass-produced heads in the business.”

Michael Crawford reviews the Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece The Dark Knight The Joker (Bank Robber version) 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “This is an outstanding figure, and even Hot Toys is going to be hard pressed to follow it up with anything that’s better.” (See also.)

Hasbro’s Marvel Museum (SDCC 2008)

(Full pictures of everything I discuss are right here.)

Hasbro sure does show us a lot of Marvel figures, considering that they haven’t actually sold us many in the last 8 months or so.

Still, Hulk Legends has made it to retail (and Foom is worth it, even if a few of the figures aren’t), and other lines are on their way. In a weird move, Hasbro has shown another Wal-Mart exclusive wave, with no standard HML 4 yet to appear. I hope they don’t plan to continue this trend of ML appearing only as exclusives…

Mattel All

Phew! Lots of Mattel-related news and information this past week.

The big news, of course, is Mattel is finally opening a collector-friendly website (like HasbroToyShop.com). This website will be the exclusive home of the Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC) line, with a new figure being available every month. SOTA had plans to attempt something similar with their Street Fighter line a few years back, but that never got off the ground. We’ll have to wait and see whether Mattel can succeed with this sort of business model.

I’m curious as to what is motivating Mattel to try to cater to a smaller market like this. How much of a profit Mattel will clear with MOTUC? I suppose producing and directly selling figures based on an in-house license could maximize profits. While I question how successful MOTUC will turn out, Mattel deserves credit for both attempting the project at all, and for recognizing that there may be value in catering to niche markets instead of the mass market.

The Four Horsemen are taking all of my money

The Four Horsemen will be robbing me blind this year.

So, all the big toy news has come out of the New York Comic Con, and I think it’s safe to say Mattel stole the show.

Poe’s Point > Fiddlers and Moncs

Here it comes…the obligatory Convention Exclusives Editorial.TM

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