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Review > Fall of Cybertron Shockwave (Transformers Generations, Hasbro)


One reason I’ve never gotten back into Transformers is because I felt like there was just too much product out there to get on board. Too many universes, too many different styles, too many different scales, and most significantly, no clear successor to the G1 I grew up with, i.e., no “200x” G1, no “25th Anniversary” G1.1  But when the War for Cybertron (WFC) and Fall of Cybertron (FOC) games came along, it seemed like I might finally have gotten the line I had wanted.

Unfortunately, Grimlock made no appearance in War for Cybertron, and so I passed on the toys (though I now wish I’d picked up Megatron). But when the Dinobot leader was added to the cast of Fall of Cybertron, I knew a new Grimlock was just a matter of time. In the meantime, there was a very cool-looking Shockwave available. I figured I’d need someone for my eventual Grimlock to fight, so I picked him up. Aaaaaand then it turned out that Grimlock was going to be a “Voyager”-class figure, which means it towers over the “Deluxe” Shockwave. (Although I’ll admit I haven’t played enough of the game to know whether that’s actually an accurate size comparison between the two.) Still, FOC Shockwave looked really cool, so I decided to keep him.

Some new pre-orders I jumped on

BigBadToyStore has posted two pre-orders I’ve been waiting for:

I, Grimlock, am the sovereign.

I, Grimlock, am the sovereign.

Fall of Cybertron Grimlock. If this website had a slightly different tone, this is where I’d type “**** AND YES.”

Finally. I haven’t even played the videogame yet (want to, though), but I know I need this toy. The vintage Grimlock remains my favorite toy of all time, and to be honest I’ve never found any of the later versions to be the Millennium MOTU-style “revamp” I wanted (Classics Grimlock was close, but no cigar). I think this one might be it. I’ll have to wait until I get it, though.

I must admit there’s a part of me that’s very tempted to start buying all the Fall of Cybertron toys because it’s a self-contained, in-scale(?) sub-line. I’ve already got Shockwave, though I still need to open and review him. On the other hand: money.

Anyway, the BBTS pre-order page is here. You can also get Blaster if you’re so inclined.

Next up:


Did Bill Paxton approve that likeness?

So let me get this straight. In the next six months, I will own fully-articulated Dutch, Predator, Hicks, Hudson, and Alien Warrior figures. The only thing I need now is a way to somehow transport these back to 1989 to give them to my childhood self.

I can’t tell you how damn happy I am that the Alien has mid-foot joints. Anyway, order page is here.

EDIT: Bill Paxton sure did approve that likeness, thus confirming his status as an awesome dude.

Pic of the Day > FOC Shockwave by HatRabies

FOC Shockwave

Odds ‘n Ends

  • Happy birthday to The Fwoosh, who are celebrating their 10th birthday this month. Early on the Fwoosh established itself as the place to discuss Marvel Legends, and later Marvel Universe and DC Universe Classics. I’ve met some of the folks behind the Fwoosh at conventions and Toy Fair and they’ve always been great. They’ve got all sorts of events going on, including a giveaway, so if you’re a superhero toy fan be sure to stop by.
  • Pixel Dan has a review of Diamond Select’s exclusive Battle Beast figure from C2E2.
  • The first Fall of Cybertron toys are available for preorder at BBTS. They look cool, and it’s possible these may be the first Transformers toys I buy since Masterpiece Grimlock, but can someone please, PLEASE explain to me why Hasbro prefers to give us yet another Optimus BEFORE giving us FoC Grimlock?!? I just don’t understand the thinking here. I really, really don’t. And yeah, I’m just impatient for a FoC Grimlock toy. I admit it. I hope it’s Voyager class…the Classics Grimlock disappointed me only in that it was so small. We need a big, updated-for-current-science Grimlock.

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