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Pic of the Day > Necromorph attack on Meg by sabatomic~

Necromorph attack on Meg

World of Quahog?

As everyone else has already reported, Playmates Toys has picked up the Family Guy license. It looks like Playmates is trying to bottle lightning a second time, as the line appears to be designed almost identically to their late 1990s/early 2000s World of Springfield Simpsons line, right down to the talking playsets.

Doc Thomas Probes > Essential Accessories, Part II

Following on from last week and the ecstatic response by collectors and non-collectors alike, here is the second part of the two-hundred-and-sixty-seven-part-long series about the action figure accessories that you, the collector, simply must own! This is a special part including additions from the readers that I either neglected to mention, was going to mention later or simply completely forgot in a heroin-induced haze. Over to you!

5. Blades (Thanks, dayraven!)

Yes, guns get mentioned, and so do swords! But swords go part in parcel with butcher knives, switchblades, daggers, ninja swords, axes, swiss-army knives, machetes, scythes, foils, cleavers, and everything in between! Just as for ethnic gangs, bladed weapons are the source of amusement for many of your toys – not just your ninjas and vampire slayers, but also WALL-E!! He loves to cut. Not to mention…

Odds ‘n Ends > Armed and Fabulous

Odds N Ends

  • The Fwoosh has a first look at the DCUC Karu Sil/Romat Ru two-pack. That “dog” thing is awesome, and even better, it can serve double-duty as a bad guy for your Ghostbusters figures.
  • DST’s latest Q&A is up, this time focusing on Minimates. Our own Rustin Parr has a question in there, sacrificing his dignity to beg for a Minimate Delorean.
  • If you miss the toy review roundups I used to post here (via Fanmode), The Articulated One has picked up the slack over at Articulated Discussion. You can check out the latest roundup here. They’re pretty damned thorough.
  • Reading the first book of Glen Cook’s Black Company series right now. Has anyone else read these? Does anyone else actually read anything longer than a hundred and forty characters anymore?
  • Grades for the shows I watched last week: [How I Met Your Mother: B] [Big Bang Theory: B+] [NCIS: B+] [NCIS Los Angeles: B] [Warehouse 13: A-] [Psych: A] [Simpsons: B-] [Cleveland Show: C] [Family Guy: A-] (Haven’t watched Dollhouse yet)
  • Seriously, last night’s Family Guy was great. The Disney sequence was amazing (and no doubt incredibly expensive). The Stewie/Brian episodes are almost always gold.

Review > Peter vs. Giant Chicken

I hope to have a review of an actually-new figure tomorrow, but in the meantime, please enjoy this short-lost review from my days with The Toy Pirate, a short-lived Web venture between myself and Shocka of OAFE. It was originally published on July 9, 2005.

My photos are gone, but the kooky pirate method of grading the figures remains. Also, please remember that the thoughts written here reflect Poe circa 2005; opinions may have shifted during transport.


When it first came out, Family Guy kind of flew under my radar. I was in the middle of my college career and hardly watched any television. I remember catching it once or twice and thinking Stewie was pretty amusing, but it didn’t become a must-see for me. It wasn’t until last summer, when I moved into an apartment with two television-addicted roommates, that I caught the show regularly on Adult Swim.

I found the show funny, but to me, it didn’t have anything to distinguish it from other cartoon sitcoms like The Simpsons–until the infamous Chicken Fight in the episode “Da Boom.” Spoilers for those who haven’t seen the show: the fight occurs during one of the show’s many cutaways (“Remember that time…”) when Peter gets a bad coupon from a giant chicken (or maybe a guy in a chicken suit–it’s not clear). Peter attacks the chicken, and for the next two minutes (an eternity in cartoon sitcom time) Peter and the chicken duel it out, parodying many action-flick cliches in the process.

Family Guy gets uncancelled — again.


Just a day after thinking to myself, “I’m surprised Mezco didn’t try to bring back their Family Guy line when the show took off again,” Mezco is bringing back their Family Guy line. The initial wave is all re-releases, but I assume if the line is successful we’ll get more.

While I did get the Peter vs. Giant Chicken set, I did always regret not getting the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” Brian or the mutant Stewie.

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