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Figma announces 6″ Indiana Jones from Raiders (with head sculpt from Crystal Skull)


Figma will be producing a 6″ (well, roughly 6″), fully articulated Indiana Jones. While this will easily be the most articulated Indiana Jones in any under-12″ scale to date. CollectionDX notes that the figure comes with the small golden idol from Raiders, the trinket from Temple of Doom, the Holy Grail from The Last Crusade, and the face of Harrison Ford from The Crystal Skull. Okay, I added that last one, but – yikes. Let’s hope they fix that before the release.

I have mixed feelings about Figmas. They’re not really 6″ figures – more like 5″-5½”. I love the scads of articulation and accessories, but the style seems to work best for cartoonish characters like Link from Zelda or robotic characters like Iron Man or Robocop. Their “realistic” figures end up looking too soft and cartoonish. That said, I’d still get this figure if they improve the head sculpt (or if it looks better in production). If not, I’ll have to pass.

See more photos here. Coming March 2013 for 4,800 yen ($49).

Pic of the Day > Samus Aran – Metroid (figma) by sir_winger

Samus Aran - Metroid (figma)

Samus Aran – Metroid (figma) by sir_winger

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Pic of the Day > Figma Ayase Aragaki by triggerfinger_lie

Figma Ayase Aragaki

Figma Ayase Aragaki by triggerfinger_lie

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Pic of the Day > Tri-Force by thedeathbot7000


Tri-Force by thedeathbot7000

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Robocop vs. Robocop vs. Robocop


One of the more popular posts in the history of this blog is my comparison of the McFarlane and NECA Robocops. Now that I also own the Figma Robocop, I thought it was time to revisit the topic.

If we set aside anything 12″ or larger, there are two significant Robocops missing from this comparison: the Aoshima Robocop and NECA’s spring-out holster Robocop, which seems to be generally considered superior to their first release. Aside from the holster and paint work it’s identical to the first release, so I don’t consider its absence a big problem for what I’ll be looking at today. As for the Aoshima Robocop, well, I just don’t own one so it gets left out.

Pic of the Day > Link vs Dark Link – Figma by sir_winger

Link vs Dark Link - Figma

Link vs Dark Link – Figma by sir_winger

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Dead Link – Figma Link not coming to the U.S.

U.S. fans who were eagerly awaiting the green tunic of Max Factor’s Figma Link to complement their red holiday bows have some bad news coming their way. I had one on pre-order, and I just received this email from BigBadToyStore:

Diamond Comics Distribution has just informed us that they have failed to secure the licensing needed to bring the Max Factory Link Figma into North America. Diamond has completely cancelled all orders for the Link Figma for all retailers and distributors in North America, including a massive order placed by BBTS. We are extremely upset with them because they are forcing us to disappoint you and so many other people on this item. Diamond officially solicited this item to us back in September and our orders have been in place with them for months, this news was shocking and extremely disappointing to us. Diamond apparently did not have the licensing deal fully worked out at the time of solicitation and in the past few months some sort of problem arose and the deal with Nintendo could not be worked out. We wanted to let you know about this as quickly as possible so you can try to secure an order with international/other vendors.

We have quickly checked with several distributors in Japan, and all of them are completely sold out, as is Max Factory. We are going to explore more options on possible supplies around the world, but at this point it honestly does not look good. We will leave all preorders open in the meantime in case we can find some sort of solution.

We again are extremely sorry about this, we did not expect Diamond to fail us on this item.

Two things: 1.) Bummer. 2.) This does give an interesting look behind the scenes at how these import licensing deals work – and how they can go wrong. There are often very cool toys available in Japan that can’t be sold here, either because there’s a U.S. manufacturer with the domestic master license or for other reasons. (For example, Tsuburaya Productions refuses to export certain Ultraman figures to the U.S. due to a long legal dispute with the Thailand-based Chaiyo Productions.)

It does raise one question for me, though. If this deal just fell apart, it would seem there should have been plenty of Links ready to ship for the American pre-orders, and they were due this month. So how could Max Factory be sold out? Where are those Links that were produced and bound for the States? Or was there going to be an even greater delay while they went back into production? The answer is either that, or Diamond and Max Factory have known about this for months.

For those of you who want a Link, he’s still available at AmiAmi as of this writing. Be prepared to pay international shipping costs, however.

Pic of the Day > Giant Warrior – figma by sir_winger

Giant Warrior - figma

Giant Warrior – figma by sir_winger

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Pic of the Day > Figma Samus 5/6 by optimus-convoy

Figma Samus 5/6

Odds ‘n Ends > Beast Saga Vid, NECA does Half-Life & Prometheus, Nerf Intimidation, Figma Link

  • Damn, I am way overdue for one of these. Right now my own toy collection is somewhat in chaos, as we’re packing for a move to our very first house. Still got some reviews coming, though.
  • What’s going on with ThunderCats? Pixel Dan asks the question, and TNI (sort of) answers it. Bottom line: Bandai still holds the master license, their product line is not canceled, and they are currently rolling out ThunderCats product globally in conjunction with the TV show being airing internationally. So those dreams of a Four Horsemen-sculpted, MOTUC-compatible ThunderCats line must remain in dreamland for now.
  • Here’s NECA’s Gordon Freeman from Half-Life 2. Evidently they’re also bringing us a Robocop with an opening thigh holster (possibly spring-loaded).
  • TakaraTomy has released a short promotional CGI video (narrated in English) highlighting their upcoming Beast Saga figures. The anthropomorphic warriors blast each other with fire and water from symbols on their chests. Kind of reminds me of the Care Bear Cousins, actually.
  • I missed this sketchy-seeming incident in which Hasbro and its lawyers tricked and then threatened an Australian toy blogger over his review of a pre-release Nerf gun that he bought online. If Hasbro offers you free toys for a giveaway and you’ve recently reviewed pre-release items, think twice about providing them with your personal information.
  • I seem to have been one of maybe five geeks who actually enjoyed Prometheus. Sure, the story was messy, but the visuals and atmosphere were amazing…anyway, NECA’s making figures, including what’s basically (mild spoiler alert) the “Space Jockey” pilot from the original ALIEN. I’ll be getting that solely because I’ve loved the look of that character since the original film.
  • There’s going to be a Figma Link (from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword). I did not know this. Awesome. Now that we’ve got Link and Samus, when do we get a Figma Mario?
  • Packaged shots of S.H.MonsterArts Little Godzilla.
  • LuchaSharks are a thing. A thing in the process of being developed by Galaxxor creator Ben Spencer.

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