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Figma Robocop

A Tale of Two Robocops

NECA released the first press pic of its Robocop figure this week. The figure is approximately 7″ tall and will be out in September, retailing for, presumably, the standard NECA price of $13-$20, depending on where you find it.

"So, am I getting that statue in Detroit or what?"

We don’t have any details on the articulation yet, but as long as it’s at least comparable to the McFarlane version (i.e., ball-jointed hips), I’ll be happy. It will come with an interchangeable “data spike” hand. It already has improved in one respect on the McFarlane version: the bigger gun. Whether accurate to the film or not, the Auto-9 of the McFarlane Robocop just looks too small.

However, this isn’t the only major Robocop figure being released in late summer/early fall. Figma, a Japanese action figure line known mostly for anime licenses, has started to branch out to Western ones. The first (I think it was the first) was their Michael Jackson “Thriller” figure. The obvious follow-up license for that? Robocop.

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