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Poe’s Point > Lou Scheimer, 1928-2013


(Image from Lou Scheimer: Creating the Filmation Generation by Andy Mangels)

A few years ago, I sat down to watch The Secret of the Sword. For whatever reason, my wife was feeling indulgent that day and sat down to watch it with me. I never really watched She-Ra as a kid and had no memories of the show, so I didn’t know what I was in for. But both my wife and I found ourselves endlessly amused by the voice of Swift Wind, a beautiful pegasus with the voice of a five-pack-a-day smoker.

I don’t know if Lou Scheimer actually smoked, but he certainly gave Swift Wind a voice that sounded like it. Mr. Scheimer, the founder of Filmation Studios, passed away last week at the age of 84. I was never as partial to Filmation as many He-Fans, but there’s no question his shows gave me hours of entertainment. And Mr. Scheimer was certainly very open to and embracing of the MOTU and She-Ra community over the last decade as its fandom has come into its own.

Odds ‘n Ends > Troops of Doom Turns 5, Mattel reveals a Filmation accessory, Playing with Toys


  • Troops of Doom writes in to let us know they’ve just turned 5 years old, with 523 comics and 118 extra photos to date. The next five episodes will feature “Become a Troop of Doom” contests where readers can have a character named after them and have a recurring role in the comic.
  • Mattel apparently sent out an email to 2013 Club Eternia subscribers revealing an accessory for an unrevealed Filmation sub figure, but I of course didn’t receive it despite being a subscriber. Anyway, it’s a sabre, and almost certainly belongs to Sea Hawk, a.k.a Etheria’s answer to Han Solo.
  • Christopher Tupa is looking for toy collectors to send him stories about playing with toys for a book he’s putting together called, appropriately, Playing with Toys. He plans to offer the book either for free or for a $1 fee that will go toward charity. If you’re interested in submitting something, check it out here. It sounds like a very cool project and I urge everyone to consider submitting.
  • Poester Barbecue17 has started a new series on his blog, ThEpicReview, where he examines the action figure history of various celebrities. Called “Stars in Plastic,” the inaugural entry features none other than the star of the decreasingly awesome Die Hard movies, Bruce Willis.
  • If you’re a fan of Funko’s POP Vinyl line, check out the work of The Funkustomizer, who, true to his name, creates custom Funko POP! figures. The Tom Baker Doctor Who and Space Ghost are two of my favorites.
  • I don’t always pass along promotional emails, but I was contacted personally by the folks behind Brobo, which are adorable plush anime-style robots, and I wanted to pass it along. They’re half toy, half night-light, all cop cute.

Pic of the Day > Prime Evil by Colonel Raines

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Prime Evil by Colonel Raines

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Guest Review > Star Sisters (Masters of the Universe Classics, Mattel)

This is a guest review. Opinions expressed in this review (toy-related or otherwise) do not necessarily reflect the views of Poe Ghostal.

Doing these reviews for Poe lead me sit down and actually watch the She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon, something I’ve never done before outside of minor glimpses as a kid. I loved the Filmation He-Man as a child, and love it now because it’s totally stupid, but I never really gave She-Ra the time of day. And you know what? She-Ra is actually pretty good. The Horde represent more of a threat to Etheria than Skeletor ever did, and the heroic characters don’t just defend the world’s inhabitants from the Horde but teach them to rise up and fight for themselves.

Adora is an interesting, powerful, independent character who is handled well and isn’t dependant on a man – an excellent role model for young girls. Adora/She-Ra is the kind of character we could add to that very short list about of strong, interesting, non-misogynstic female protagonists. Even Bow, despite occasionally falling into a neat subversion of the “damsel in distress” role Teela took in He-Man, is well-executed. He’s not threatened by the powerful women around him; he’s a real man.

So basically, I want to make clear I have no anti-She-Ra slant, no misogynistic female-character-toy hatred, no anti-girl’s-toys sentiment – and despite all that, I still can’t bring myself to like these figures.

Odds ‘n Ends > July 19, 2011

  • Mattel announced its 2012 subscriptions: Club Eternia, Club Ecto-1, and the new Club Lion Force. (Is anyone else kind of amazed that Club Ecto-1 is still going?) Anyway, the Club Eternia sub includes a $60 item, and there’s a lot of speculation as to what that is. Many are suggesting Granamyr, though personally I’m hoping for Tyrantisaurus Rex. (Remember, vehicles–such as the Battle Ram–won’t be included in the subscription.) A three-figure army builder pack, or some sort of multi-part figure like Modulok, is also possible.
  • Mattel allegedly has five big MOTU-related announcements at SDCC…at least I think it’s five, I’ve lost track. Many people are assuming Mattel will announce the Filmation rights, though Toyguru has tried to tamp those rumors down. While Filmation rights would definitely be the shot in the arm this line needs, I can’t say I’m that certain we’ll see them. It also leaves four other announcements.
  • I’m trying to decide how to cover SDCC this year. What would you guys like? Up-to-the-second links to other people’s coverage and pics (since I’m not there), reflective posts on reveals, or both?
  • Don’t forget, you’ll be able to order all the TRU exclusives, including the Faker/Bizarro pack, on TRU’s website. It’s not clear when exactly items will become available, aside from “when the show starts,” so I’d recommend checking that page frequently.
  • So what are you most excited about at this year’s SDCC? It can be toy-related or otherwise. Personally I’m curious what new reveals we’ll get regarding Batman Arkham City, if any–perhaps a new character? I’m hoping for Nightwing in the challenge modes, at least.

MOTUC: Filmation now on the table?

Huh. So it turns out if you go on an unofficial hiatus and ignore toy news, important toy news slips by you.

Specifically, this. From Worldscreen.com:

NEW YORK: Classic Media is partnering with Mattel to roll out a new consumer-products program for Masters of the Universe to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary in 2012.

The new line will encompass apparel (t-shirts, sweatshirts, thermals, track jackets and fashion tops for men, women and kids) and accessories (wristbands, belts and belt buckles, key chains, costume jewelry and more) from Changes, costumes from Disguise and a special 30th Anniversary edition DVD box set from Mill Creek Entertainment. Publishing partners will be announced soon. Plus, the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line from Mattel will continue through 2012.

“Masters of the Universe is an iconic franchise with a legacy that’s deeply rooted in fantastical storytelling which translates naturally to play experiences and products kids of all ages love,” said Michael Riley, VP of franchise development at Mattel. “In 2012 the property celebrates its milestone 30th anniversary allowing us to create a robust synergistic program that offers something for all fans.”

Classic Media is introducing a new Masters of the Universe style guide for the anniversary celebration featuring retro artwork, all-new modern artist renderings, as well as a special 30th Anniversary logo. Classic will also work with Mill Creek Entertainment on the DVD release.

“We’re very excited to be working with the team at Mattel to celebrate this iconic franchise’s 30th anniversary,” said Nicole Blake, executive VP of global marketing and consumer products at Classic Media. “This is the perfect opportunity to re-engage fans with the original series and to introduce Masters of the Universe to the next generation.”

Since the 1982 debut of the Masters of the Universe toy line, there has been a 1983 TV series, a 1987 Warner Bros. film, a 1990 series The New Adventures of He-Man and the 2002 Cartoon Network show He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Now, obviously, there is nothing specific in this press release about Filmation characters in MOTUC. But Classic Media owns the Filmation rights, and now that Mattel and CM have a working relationship, it’s conceivable that Filmation-only characters–such as Shadow Weaver, Sea Hawk, and Plun-Dor–are now on the table, not to mention Filmation-style repaints and retools.

Anyway, for now: fingers crossed.

P.S. The 30th Anniversary logo was found here.

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