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Odds ‘n Ends > Glyos & Power Lords drops, Funko Legacy rumors


  • The final Glyos wave of 2013 is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, December 1st at 9:30PM EST.
  • The Four Horsemen’s sale of the Power Lords: Slate Zone Soldier & Slate Zone Elite will begin on Monday, December 2nd at 3pm EST on Store Horsemen and for the first 48 hours it will ONLY be open to Power Lords Fan Club members. Sales for non-Power Lords Fan Club members will begin at 3pm on December 4th IF any stock remains after the first 48 hours.
  • I’m working with NoisyDvL5 of ItsAllTrue on a fun holiday project. It’s a bit last-minute, so hopefully we’ll be able to pull it together. If we do, I think you’ll like it.
  • Rumored licenses for Funko’s 6″ Legacy Line: Game of Thrones, a Whedonverse line or two, and The X-Files (although only The X-Files has been “officially” hinted at by someone at Funko). The GoT hint allegedly came from Popcultcha, who – again, allegedly – had the following figures up for pre-order, according to Funko Fanatic poster arjybarjy: “The Hound, White Walker, Tyrion Lannister, Ned Stark, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow up for preorder, due in February 2014. They vary in size from 5″ for Tyrion to 8″ for The Hound and White Walker figs.” I couldn’t find them on Popcultcha, so either they got pulled or were never there in the first place (or…I just couldn’t find them). So like that Star Wars Black list from a couple of weeks back, consider this pure rumor-mongering for now.

BIG NEWS: Funko to produce 6″ scale “Legacy” action figure line


I was going to add this to today’s Odds ‘n Ends, but it deserves its own post.

Via Brian Marriotti, president of Funko, on the Funko Fanatic:

Dear Funatics:

Freddy Funko has been a busy be lately. We announced our Re-Action line of Alien figures which should be shipping from Funko’s warehouses in the next 2-3 weeks!

We also dropped some hints on some pretty cool licenses like Firefly, Universal Monsters, Back to the Future, Goonies, Terminator 1 & 2, Predator, The Rocketeer, Nightmare B4 Christmas, Escape from New York, Pulp Fiction, Buffy the Vampire Slayers(TV), Star Trek Classic and many many more.

But what you don’t know is that Funko is also announcing a 6″ Premium line called Legacy that will be revealed at Toy Fair NYC with 2 Major license announcements and a few cult classics as well. I mean 2 MAJOR license announcements!

This line will be very much similar in style and accuracy and points of articulation as the Hasbro 6″ Black Series of Star Wars. Some fun eclectic lines will be produced as well like my personal favorite Fantastic Mr Fox!

So keep an eyed peeled for our announcements soon..as you this section of the Funko Funatic Forum to discuss the two new action figure series!

So – WOW. This is, potentially, huge news. It’s like if Shocker Toys was real. A new 6″ toy line based on some of those licenses listed above? Does this mean I might have a Star Wars Black-style Mal Reynolds to hang out with Han Solo? Could that really happen?

I suppose the question hinges on what “some fun eclectic lines” turns out to mean. Some of these licences have current action figure lines at other companies, such as Universal Monsters (Diamond Select), Terminator (NECA), Predator (NECA), and Star Trek Classic (Diamond Select). Still, one can hope. A realistic 6″ Rocketeer? Dare we dream?

(Hat tip to Action Figure Fury.)

Odds ‘n Ends > SWB6″, Power Lords, Mordles & Robo Force, ReAction Figures


  • I hope you all enjoyed Star Wars Black Week! I’ll also be reviewing Han Solo, Leia and Greedo soon. And of course, don’t forget to enter our Trygg Poftu contest for a chance to win a Series 2 Boba Fett!
  • Our partner CollectionDX has had some great reviews recently, including OMFG! Series 3 and the Four Horsemen’s Power Lords Ggrapptikk, as well as the vintage Power Lords Sydot, which I owned as a kid (although I had the version with the chrome chestplate, and the non-chrome one never looks quite right to me).
  • ToyFinity has updates on their Mordles and Robo Force lines, as well as the news that the next Robo Force drop will feature more paint apps on Maxx Zero (née Maxx Steele, but Mattel’s trademark on the name nixed that). I missed the drop for the gray Maxx, a mistake I shall not repeat next time. One interesting tidbit about Maxx, according to Matt Doughty (who aided ToyFinity’s John Kent in the figure’s development), is that there are lots of secret builds in Maxx’s design “from old Tomy robots, ZOIDS and Zeroids to the Trapping Rigs used by our own Rechlen and Aves.”
  • I went ahead and pre-ordered the Alien from Super7/Funko’s ReAction series. Now that they’ve announced all those licenses for ReAction, I just have to try one. Doing vintage-style 3.75″ figures as a kind of retro-aesthetic for both classic and modern properties seems like the most obvious thing in the world now. I think the price tag might limit their collectability, unless Funko can get them down into the $10-$12 range like their POP line. But certain figures, like the Alien, will be hot sellers.

POP (and MOTU) Goes the Funko

It’s been an open secret for some time, but Funko, makers of fine pop culture merchandise, have the Masters of the Universe license. They’ve already revealed some Wacky Wobblers, which look cool but I didn’t cover because I hate bobbleheads. No offense to Funko, I just think of bobbleheads as broken toys.

But now, finally, we get our first look at the POP-style MOTU figures. He-Man, She-Ra, Skeletor, Hordak and…Spikor? Works for me! I love Spikor. I will own them all.

The pic comes from the Dallas Toy Show and was taken by a friend of Power Pal Joe Amaro, whose incredibly awesome Manta Raider goes on sale October 17.

Batman Wants to Crush Your Cities, Learn How to Love

I try not to shill too much on this blog, especially for specific products, but sometimes there’s something so awesome you just have to share it.

Somehow, Funko got it into their head to create a Shogun Warriors-style Batman. But it’s not just Batman, because that would be weird; no, it’s a giant ROBOT Batman. Meaning you can stand it alongside your Batman Brave and the Bold or BTAS figures as part of a display.

Standing 11 inches tall, this thing is available at Entertainment Earth for $36, which seems surprisingly reasonable for something of this size and degree of badassitude.


Odds ‘n Ends > Funko POP MOTU?, a TMNT Preview, Rise of the Beasts

  • On their Facebook page, Funko posted the following note on Wednesday: “Today, I just feel like, “I have the POWER”!!!” Could Funko POP Masters of the Universe figures be in the works? I think it’s a definitely possibility, for two reasons. First, we already know Mattel and Classic Media are making a big licensing push for the franchise’s 30th anniversary. And second, I suspect it might only require a deal with Classic Media for the Filmation cartoon rights to make the POP figures. I’m thinking this is happening. And I’m thinking I will buy them all.
  • Pixel Dan has an extremely early preview of Playmates’s new cartoon-based Michelangelo figure (not the Classic figures, just to be clear). I don’t think the figures themselves are due out until late summer.
  • PGPoA sponsor DinosaurToyVault has a big lot of G1 Transformers on sale. He’s going to be doing a big marketing push for these, so be sure to buy what you want now before the rush. And don’t forget, I’ve still got plenty of stuff at my own e-store. Ahem.
  • I was contacted by Plastic Dreams regarding a new Kickstarter project: Rise of the Beasts, a line of Battle Beasts-like  figures that will have movement at the shoulders and removable weapons. They look pretty neat, though I remain a cautiously wary of these indie projects that look so much like licensed toy lines. Best wishes to them, they all seem like great folks doing good work, but I’d feel better supporting something more original. (Yes, OMFG is very similar to M.U.S.C.L.E., but it’s not like there weren’t little PVC figures before M.U.S.C.L.E.–e.g., army men or Marx figures. These other lines are clearly inspired by the iconic designs of Crystar and Battle Beasts.) I’m much more interested in Backyard Legends’ plans for figure dioramas.

Bat-Week | Pic of the Day > Batman DC by FireDesigner

Batman DC

Review > Creature from the Black Lagoon (Funko Force)


I love all the Universal Monsters, but none more than the Creature from the Black Lagoon, a.k.a. the Gillman. He has by far the most interesting design of the group, but also I just tend to like sea monsters and their ilk. I don’t have as strong a love for–or as extensive a collection of–Gillman merchandise as Michael Crawford, but I have picked up a few of the more recent toy-related Gillman products such as the Toy Island figure and, now, the Funko Force figure.

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