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Heightened Interest (Marvel Legends She-Hulk)

Pete here! Hey, lucky me–I completed my Hulk Legends set this week, courtesy of a well-thought out wedding present from a friend of mine.

As I’ve perused various postings on the figures in this wave over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that one figure under quite a bit of scrutiny is She-Hulk. Some are concerned that this is nothing more than another rehash of the ML2 Shulkie, and more are concerned by the disparity in height. Well fear no more! With my shrewd detective skills, I shall unravel this dark and sinister mystery, at great personal risk to myself. I do this so that you may sleep peacefully at night, secure in your safety. You may thank me with money.

5 Questions With: Richard Gottlieb

Today I’m pleased to share this interview with Richard Gottlieb, a longtime provider of business development services to the toy industry.

Codename: Richard Gottlieb
Base of Operations: richardgottliebassoc.com
History: Richard Gottlieb is President of Richard Gottlieb’s USA Toy Experts, LLC, and a provider of business development services to the consumer products industry. Richard combines an MBA in Global Management with thirty-five years of consumer products experience to help small, medium, and Fortune 500 Manufacturers increase their market share. Providing straight talk and out of the box thinking, Richard helps companies create innovative, new ideas that leverage their company’s existing assets in dynamic new ways. He is also a Contributing Editor and blogger for “Playthings” and “Gifts & Decorative Accessories” magazines.

PG: In the 1980s, action figures were huge business, with mass market lines like Star Wars, He-Man, G.I. Joe and Transformers dominating the market. Today, kids appear to be more interested in electronics (such as videogames and Ipods) than traditional toys. Overall, what is the action figure industry like today compared to twenty years ago?

RG: It is alive and well. It certainly does compete with other forms of entertainment for children but is a staple part of the industry. Its health will vary with the health of the movie, television and other intellectual property it relies on. Bottom line, if there are hot properties then the segment will be hot.

Hasbro Makes My Short Round Dreams Come True


Recently Hasbro released images of their upcoming Indiana Jones figures and they’ve finally made my dreams come true. Way back when I first heard that they were going to make Indiana Jones figures, the figure I had wanted the most (aside from Indiana Jones of course) was Short Round.

Why you ask? Why? Short Round is flipping awesome. He’s only eight years old and he managed to save Indiana Jones life. Without Short Round the Nazis wouldn’t have found the Arc of the Covenant… or at least they would have found it and had their faces melted slightly sooner. Without Short Round the Holy Grail wouldn’t be in the hands of the Nazis, except now that I think about it the Grail couldn’t have crossed the seal anyway… Uh well, without Short Round saving Indy the Russians wouldn’t have been killed by the aliens? Wait a minute. Did Indiana Jones do anything in any of the movies that had any impact on the ultimate outcome of the film besides giving the Sankara Stones back to the Indian villagers?

Regardless, the rest of the figures in the Temple of Doom line up looks awesome, especially Mola Ram. Check the rest of them out on Toy News International.

Odds ‘N Ends > Authentic Edition

ODD: Where did all the comments go? I leave for a few days and the comments dry up like Aquaman in the desert. Come back! I promise I’ll be interesting!

END: Good news for fans of NECA’s Ninja Turtles line. First, it appears the line is selling quite well. That’s great news; perhaps NECA will be inspired to create more heavily-articulated figures. Second, it appears to be confirmed that the SDCC exclusive is a Mouser 3-pack. Add another exclusive to the pile I’ll be begging for come July…

ODD: From the looks of the toy aisles when I hit Target or TRU, Iron Man seems to be a rousing success with the kids as well as adults. All the 6″ figures have disappeared, though I notice plenty of those Superhero Squad and dress-up sets. Hint hint, Hasbro!

END: Please join me in congratulating Paul of Toy Bender, who entered into wedded bliss this past weekend. I’ll be joining him in just a few scant months. See you on the other side, Paul!

ODD: The next issue of The Toybox will be delayed until the first week of June, due to a hectic schedule for both Red Kryptonite and me. But I’m hoping to put something together to tide you over in the meantime, as well as expand the Toybox world.

END: The latest issue of ToyFare (which I’ll recap tomorrow) has a big ad for wave three of DC Universe Classics, possibly the greatest wave of superhero action figures since ML6. I imagine packaged pics will show up on the Net soon, though I still don’t expect to see my set until late June. If you think you know better, be sure to enter the contest!

Taters of the Lost Ark

Hi! Power Pal PrfktTear here. While I am the resident Transformers Guru, I’m also nuts about a certain little spud. With Transformers news in a lull since BotCon ’08, and over a month to go until the first Transformers: Animated toys hit shelves, I have a distant cousin, Mr. Potato head. Okay, he’s got nothing to do with Transformers, well, except that he’s made by Hasbro! Good enough!? Lets move on…

The Legend of Marvel Figures–Impressions from NYCC 2008

Legend (n): 1 a: a story coming down from the past; especially : one popularly regarded as historical although not verifiable b: a body of such stories <a place in the legend of the frontier> c: a popular myth of recent origin d: a person or thing that inspires legends e: the subject of a legend <its violence was legend even in its own time — William Broyles Jr.>

With the arrival of the New York Comic Con, news about the long-questionable status of the Marvel Legends toy line has finally come to light, and Hasbro has definitively confirmed that its status is still questionable.

Wait, what?

Star Wars and G.I. Joe Round Up: A Big Week

Paul here again with another catch up on the week’s events in the G.I. Joe and Star Wars toy worlds. This last week was actually exciting compared to the previous few weeks of news drought.

Star Wars

The big thing this week (and perhaps one of the biggest events in Star Wars toy collecting history) was the leak of images of the long rumored Millennium Falcon redo. The pictures appeared on Galactic Hunter.com and sent Star Wars message boards on fire. Why all the commotion? This thing is two and one half feet long and has a long, long list of features.


Ironically, the image appeared after Hasbro had stated that the images of the Falcon that has surfaced before were all fakes. This thing hasn’t been confirmed by Hasbro yet, so I’m still trying to maintain my loose grip on sanity.

Another vehicle came under the radar to hit Toys R Us shelves this week in the midst of all the Falcon hubbub. It’s a white colored large winged TIE fighter, to better match the vintage TIEs and the ones seen in the first Star Wars film. And by first Star Wars film, I mean the good one and if you don’t know which first one is the good one then I feel sorry for you.

G.I. Joe

While G.I. Joe news wasn’t as big, it was pretty notable. Wave 5 images of the 2008 Joe releases came out on the G.I. Joe Club’s website. Head on over there and check them out, because this is a great wave. The figures are Hawk, Bazooka, Barbecue, B.A.T., Snow Serpent, and a black Storm Shadow. Barbecue and the B.A.T. seem like the stand out figures is this batch and probably the two that will be the hardest to find.

There was also a round of questions Hasbro answered related to the line. While the answers were posted all across the ‘net, you can find my take on the best ones on Toy Bender.com (my site) or look around your favorite Joe sites for the answers. Good luck if you go that route, they’re all over the place!

Star Wars and G.I. Joe News Round Up

Hello all, Paul here again with another Hasbro update. There’s been yet another week of almost no new G.I. Joe or Star Wars news of any import. Still, I’ve gathered what I could for fans of Mr. Poe’s site and here we go:

Review > Iron Man movie figures

You will believe an iron man can fly

Poe: Howdy, Poe here, and with me is my good friend and PGPoA Power Pal Pete of Fanwank.net.

Pete: Hello!

Poe: Today we’re going to do a review of a few of Hasbro’s new action figures based on the upcoming film Iron Man, starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow. The figures hit stores last Saturday, and it looks like they’re already selling well. I picked up the “Mark 03” Iron Man, as well as the villain called Iron Monger.

Pete: I got the Mark 01 Prototype Armor and the Target-exclusive Repulsor Red Prototype version.

Odds ‘n Ends > Horatio Caine edition

Shades of JusticeODD: That’s right, Poe’s guiltiest pleasure of all, CSI Miami, is back, baby! Since I watched pretty much every episode on A&E last summer, I’ve only had new episodes to slake my thirst, and what with the writer’s strike I’ve been deprived of the pithy statements of Horatio Caine for months. But as we all know, “Here in Miami, we…never…close.” (cue Roger Daltrey scream)

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