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SDCC: Power Lords, Square-Enix, Really Expensive Stuff

The reveals and previews keep coming!  Well, of course, I doubt that anybody showed off everything they have on Preview Night.  But let’s take a look at some other companies, shall we?

Odds ‘n Ends > New DKR Movie Masters, Hot Toys Arkham City, Weekly Roundup

  • Mattel revealed two new Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters figures: Alfred and Officer Blake. I remember being very excited for the MM line in 2008, but I’m not quite as enthused this time around – maybe because I’m just not as into Batman at the moment, maybe because an action figure of Joseph Gordon-Levitt wearing a cop outfit just isn’t that exciting. It’s great that we’re getting Alfred, though, and the new packaging looks a lot more dynamic than the DKMM stuff.
  • It seems the Flash and Larfleeze have been removed from DC All Stars Wave 1 and the new lineup is JLA Superman, JLA Batman, Red Robin, and Superboy Prime. No word on why this has happened; perhaps they’re just shuffling around the lineups.
  • On a related note, you may or may not have noticed that Hot Toys is doing Arkham City figures. Given that I can’t think of a single Hot Toys figure that wasn’t based on a movie character, I’ll be interested to see how these turn out. I won’t be getting them, though, because I don’t make enough money. Or collect 12″ figures.
  • I didn’t put up a post about the passing of Ralph McQuarrie, mostly because better tributes have been posted elsewhere and this isn’t really a Star Wars site. But it definitely deserves to be noted, given the legacy Mr. McQuarrie’s designs have had for all of us, especially toy collectors.
  • This somehow flew under my radar until now, but C.S. Moore is apparently getting back into the action figure business. First up is a line of articulated 6″ figures based on the Zenescope comic Jurassic Strike Force. You can see in-design pics here and preorder them from BBTS here. They’re also making articulated Monster Hunter figures from the Monster Hunter Survival Guide.  I am all aboard for a 6″ articulated Sasquatch. ALL aboard.
  • Weekly Roundup: This week in PGPoA, Doc Thomas reviewed the Star Sisters, Poe reviewed Hurricane Hordak, Shadow Weaver and the Mutant Gorilla from Papo, and discussed the bios of Megator and Leech. Toy Aisle Trolls here and here, Odds ‘n Ends here, and Figure It Out here.
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Pic of the Day > I just…do things by make little sharks.

I just...do things

Pic of the Day

You're one ugly [bleep]!

You’re one ugly [bleep]! by jed fish

Pic of the Day

London Falls...

London Falls… by Trooper-71

Doc Thomas Probes > Action Figure Scales

Like many contemporary collectors, the action figures that got me into this glorious hobby were the late-90’s McFarlane Toys offerings: Movie Maniacs, Sleepy Hollow, Austin Powers and everything in-between. With the combination of amazing sculpting and detailed paint, Todd McFarlane’s company had upped the game for everyone. But for me, the best thing McFarlane Toys offered was the chance to have my own miniature world of characters I knew and loved, in my own little universe, doing whatever I want.

Along with sculpt, paint and (occasionally) articulation, the other thing that McFarlane upped was the scale of their action figures. In the 1980s and ’90s the vast majority of action figures were either the 3¾”-5″ tall. McFarlane Toys bumped the scale up to 6″, with its appealing proportion of one real-world foot=one toy inch, separating themselves from products aimed at children while allowing for more realistic sculpting.

Pic of the Day

Solitaire by bleau72

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy Michael Crawford reviews the Hot Toys Terminator Salvation Endoskeleton T-700 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “Hard to believe it, but somehow Hot Toys continues to improve.”

Dave Van Domelen reviews the Hasbro Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe class Autobot Skids, Deep Desert Brawl, Autobot Wheelie and Chromia figures. Excerpt: “… ‘pop a wheelie’ sounds just wrong in the context of the rest of this wave …”

Darren Cilenti reviews the Takara Tomy Transformers Henkei C-16 Dinobot figure from Beast Wars. Excerpt: “A very good update …” (See also.)

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy Jeff Parker reviews the Hot Toys Predator Major Alan “Dutch” Schaeffer and Private Billy Sole 1/6-scale figures. Excerpt: “Well, once again we are in the territory of ‘Dallas and Kane’ where one actor/agent/lawyer has given permission to use his likeness and the other hasn’t …”

Newton Gimmick reviews the Playmates TMNT Mini-Mutants Exoskeleton Shredder figure. Excerpt: “… while it’s obviously inspired by Exo-Squad it has tons of little traits that definitely make it TMNT.”

Dave Van Domelen reviews the Hasbro Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Scout class Rollbar, Dead End, Knock Out, Dirt Boss, Depthcharge and Ransack figures. Excerpt: “… it seems like they used a much more brittle plastic in most of these than the designs would have worked best with.” (See also: 1, 2, 3, 4.)

Toy review roundup (via Fanmode)

fanmode-copy Michael Crawford reviews the Hot Toys Hellboy II: The Golden Army Hellboy 1/6-scale figure. Excerpt: “Hot Toys is sort of like Pixar these days – it’s hard to judge them on the same scale as everyone else, because their work is so far above the competition.”

yo go re reviews the Hasbro Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Scout class Ransack figure. Excerpt: “Forget the rehashed Ironhides, Starscreams or Bumblebees, and go for something new. Or, in this case, something old.”

yo go re reviews the Diamond Select Toys Marvel Minimates X-Men Origins Wolverine Weapon X Wolverine and Silver Fox Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive two-pack. Excerpt: “… a nice value.”

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