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Pic of the Day > Knoxville toy show finds and LOD 037 by Richard Grayson

Knoxville toy show finds and LOD 037

Pic of the Day > Auger Again by Deimos-remus

Auger Again

Pic of the Day

Tendril Close Up

Tendril Close Up by Deimos-remus

Recent Acquisitions

The Hellboys I got from Entertainment Earth, I bought Prince Nuada at a Newbury Comics, and the rest were trades. The first one is Magnokor from the Inhumanoids, then the two Hellboy figures, then Mr. Wink, Nuada, and Lucifer from Dark Alliance (Lucifer’s standing on the Moore Collectibles action figure display base, which was produced way back in 1999 and seems to be extremely hard to find these days).

The Hellboys are interesting. They’re not as nicely produced as the 2004 movie line, despite using almost all the same molds. The trenchcoats are very rubbery this time, and the paint is sloppy in places. But the Big Baby gun is awesome, and I really like finally having a shirtless Hellboy with a plastic coat.

Pic of the day

Oh No! There’s two of him by Ronsrandomstuff

Poe’s note: Magnokor was one of those great random figures you sometimes get from a line you don’t actually collect. I never had any other Inhumanoids, but I remember my mother picking up this guy for me at the now long gone Rich’s department store in Plymouth, MA. I always loved the guy–he made for a great generic monster to terrorize the Turtles. He’s also one of the few childhood toys I’ve never gotten an eBay replacement of.

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