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Pacific Rim series 3 news from NECA


Just saw this on Twitter:

I know I’ve got a number of Pacific Rim junkies around here, so keep an eye on NECA’s Twitter account today. (Update: news after the jump.)

NECA working on Pacific Rim Series 3, Cherno Alpha to be part of it


It’s been clear for a while now that if NECA gets to a Series 3 of Pacific Rim, Cherno Alpha (my personal favorite Jaeger, and that of many others) will be a part of it.

Here’s the first bit of good news:

And then this one:

That said, working on Series 3 is not the same as saying it’s definitely happening. If Series 2’s sales suck (I don’t see that happening, but you never know, I guess), Series 3 might not make it to stores. So make sure you pre-order Series 2 (preferably via one of these fine retailers). Sadly, it seems Otachi is not slated for Series 3:

If I had to bet, I would go with Trespasser/Axehead as the kaiju for Series 3, since they could reuse parts of Knifehead (which is a bit disappointing, since Knifehead is so obviously undersized – unless they took the opportunity to make a brand-new, properly scaled Scunner and then reuse the body for a new Knifehead later).

So here’s my guess for the Series 3 lineup:

It’s interesting that, somewhat similar to the Ultraman Ultra-Act line in Japan, the heroes/robots are evidently selling better than the kaiju. Gipsy Danger goes for the highest prices on eBay right now.

And finally, if you missed out on the first series of NECA’s PR figures and are considering blowing $50+ on eBay, hold off a bit longer and keep an eye on NECA’s eBay store:

New Pics of S.H.MonsterArts King Kong

SHM ______ 05

Bluefin Distribution has sent along some photos of S.H.MonsterArts King Kong. He’s due out around April, and will cost 5,775 yen ($67.44).

I have mixed feelings about this figure. I wasn’t a big fan of the Peter Jackson version this figure is based on, but my reasons for not liking it had nothing to do with the creature designs – those were great. The film was just way too long, overwrought, and in scenes like the disgusting ravine attack by the giant insects and worms, overindulgent.

Nonetheless, the Kong design was great and this figure is a must-buy for me. You can read more about the figure here. Pics after the jump!

Pic of the Day > Marmit EX Mashinzaura by geozilla

Sold! Marmit EX Mashinzaura

Marmit EX Mashinzaura by geozilla

Pic of the Day > Daimajin (Kaiyodo) by Jova Cheung

Daimajin (Kaiyodo)

Pic of the day

Business as Usual by Brian McCarty

Pic of the day

X-Plus Sanda by chimply kaiju

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