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Pic of the Day > Kenner Aliens – Gorilla Alien by Ed Speir IV

Kenner Aliens - Gorilla Alien

Pic of the Day > Star Wars Death Star Playset E by speedbreaker9

Star Wars Death Star Playset E

Pic of the Day > Hiccup in the Power by Boogeyman13

Hiccup in the Power

Pic of the Day > Dr. Terror by (Talyn)

Dr. Terror

Pic of the Day > Kenner Aliens vs Predator – Warrior Alien by Ed Speir IV

Kenner Aliens vs Predator - Warrior Alien

Attack of the Show to Queen Marlena: Drop dead.

Is the post title uncalled for? I don’t think so. Poor Queen Marlena.

It looks like AFOS wins the contest, since he guessed Marlena and Stay Puft. A few other people got one right, but not two. AFOS, shoot me an email to poe AT poeghostal.com and I’ll set you up with the gift certificate.

ItsAllTrue.net has some good screencaps of the video. Mattycollector/Facebook will presumably offer better pics later today.

More info from ToyGuru and my own thoughts on the reveals after the jump.

Pic of the Day > Kitty Litter by gibbspaulus

Kitty Litter

Kitty Litter by gibbspaulus

Show and Tell > A few neat toy finds

One of my favorite stores in the Boston area is Comicazi in Somerville. The back room of the store is filled wall-to-wall with MOC vintage toys, from Star Wars to Star Trek to Simpsons to racks and racks of old Marvel and DC stuff, plus plenty of old Kenner figures. I went in yesterday to pick up a MOC Kenner Aliens Bishop and the Kenner Alien/Predator set (mission accomplished, by the way, but more on that later). On a side note, Comicazi has a blog, the ToyNerd.

In addition to the MOC toys, Comicazi has bins full of loose figures, and even a big box full of baggies of random accessories. I nabbed a few of those and picked out four pretty awesome loose figures. Whom did I get?

Vintage Toy Ads > Aliens by Kenner

For the most part, I think Kenner’s Aliens & Predator toys were pretty cool, even if they weren’t all that faithful to the movies. The various animal-based Aliens were great–I still have my Scorpion and Gorilla Aliens.

The only thing that bummed me out was that they came out a few years after I was really, really into Aliens and Predator. At that time, there were no toys at all–nothing but a few tiny plastic resin figures. I remember gluing on of those sad little things together with my dad’s help, and then trying to play with it. Four years too late, Kenner.

In my humble opinion, the highlight of Kenner’s Aliens line was this two-figure set, featuring a “regular” Alien and a “regular” Predator. This idea would be repeated years later by McFarlane Toys, and just this past month, by NECA (review forthcoming).

Pic of the Day

Night Climber Batman

Night Climber Batman by FranMoff

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