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Most Wanted > The STSST (Found!)


Most Wanted highlights the glaring gaps in your collection. Feel free to submit your own Most Wanted items to poe@poeghostal.com.

So, this is an interesting Most Wanted post. When I started writing it, I wasn’t even sure this thing existed. But in the course of writing the post, I not only confirmed it had, but I actually got one!

I’ve managed to collect almost all of my childhood holy grails over the years. The Popy Gaiking Kargosaur, the Godzilla Battle the Tricephalon set, the blue Metal Man saucer. But there’s one that is so rare, I’ve never seen it on eBay or even on the ‘Net, with one very recent exception (an exception so recent, it happened while I was writing this article).


The Shirt Tales (Wikipedia) were a set of characters created by Hallmark and featured on greeting cards in 1980. They later became popular enough to get a Saturday morning cartoon show that made it through a surprising 46 episodes. (Believe it or not, the Shirt Tales predated the creation of the Care Bears, but it’s likely the runaway success of the Care Bears – also a greeting card creation – is what led to the Shirt Tales getting a cartoon).

Pic of the Day > The Gift of Gizmo by Hart Perez

The Gift of Gizmo

The Gift of Gizmo by Hart Perez

Pic of the Day > AD&D Hook Horror by Squirrel Lips

AD&D Hook Horror

Review > Gizmo (Gremlins, LJN)

Just a quick review today, of an oldie but goodie.

Frequently I find myself reminiscing about my childhood toys and remembering a specific toy. Within five minutes, I’ve searched for it on eBay, found it, and bought it. Such was the case recently with this Gizmo figure. Created by LJN, who created many an awesome 1980s toy, the figure was one of several tie-ins to 1984’s Gremlins.

Pic of the Day > Panthro and the Thundertank by rodpowley952

Panthro and the Thundertank

Panthro and the Thundertank by rodpowley952

Pic of the Day > Mumm-Ra by ronsrandomstuff


Mumm-Ra by ronsrandomstuff

Pic of the Day


DSC_0126 by balmes

Pic of the Day

Hulk Hogan by poppunkloser

Pic of the Day

E.T. with extendable neck by Fran Moff

Pic of the Day

Mumm-Ra as mummy by ronsrandomstuff

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