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Sightings > R.C. Short Circuit #5 Robot

Though never produced, Matchbox showed off a remote control Johnny Five from the film Short Circuit in their 1988 catalog.

The fact that there have never been any Short Circuit action figures makes me sad (aside from some unlicensed, high-cost pieces a few years back). If NECA can give us a Claptrap from Borderlands, why not a Johnny Five? NECA seems like the perfect company to do it – they’ve already shown a penchant for producing toys based on 1980s sci-fi properties (Gremlins, E.T., Predator, Aliens), and they’re willing to produce lines that only have a handful of figures in them (Evil Dead II, half of the Player Select licenses, etc.).

Pic via ParryGamePreserve.

Contest Updates > Odds ‘n Ends, Identify the Toy

One of the runner-ups to the Odds ‘n Ends contest emailed me to point out I said I’d mail a Sword of Ages to the runner-up. I completely, totally forgot about that, and I apologize. I’ve contacted the runners-up for their addresses and will mail them their swords ASAP.

Also, there’s the Identify the Toy contest. I received one–ONE–entry, which makes me very sad. Fortunately the sender, Josh Flood, got it exactly right:

Ok, so I saw that foot and immediately remembered the toy as a kid. I’m 90% sure that it is the Robotech Zentraedi Powered Armor Botoru through Matchbox. It was released a few times in the 80’s and 90’s. I think the first time was 1986, then again through exo squad by playmates in 1994 or 1995.

So, I’m making three changes for the next round.

1.) At the suggestion of a Twitter follower I’m still trying to find, I’m renaming it “Figure It Out.”

2.) You now only need to name the toy, not the line, manufacturer and so forth. If multiple people get it right, I will pick a winner at random from the correct guesses.

3.) I will also send a Poe Prize to the most funny, creative, or otherwise interesting guess I receive. If you have no idea what the toy is, just go wild and make something up. Perhaps a long-winded description of the imaginary toy it belongs to, complete with a company history. Or a haiku about how you have no idea what it is.

Vintage Toy Ads > Talking Pee-Wee

After watching this ad, I realized I must have seen it a hundred times as a kid because the insipid theme song was way too familiar.

Notice how the ad says “For you and your kid” at the end there? A tribute to Pee-Wee’s generation-crossing appeal? Or a warning that any kid given this toy should be supervised at all times lest the doll drive the child into madness?

Pic of the Day > Pee Wee by the_Rundown

Pee Wee

Pic of the Day

Swamp Beast by R D L

Pic of the Day

mimp by Improbable Roach

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