Even as little as five years ago, Doctor Who might have needed an introduction outside of the UK. These days, thanks to the efforts of Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat, Doctor Who is the UK’s most successful TV export and is making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. British company Character Options has been the main provider of Who toys, starting out modestly in 2005 with mostly pre-posed 5 inch action figures and then progressing through season-themed waves, Build-A-Figure assortments, episode specific box-sets and even convention exclusives, not to mention Lego-compatible building sets and role-playing toys.

But now there is a new player on the block, a new UK-based company called Big Chief, aiming to bring the high-end collectible 1:6 aesthetic to Doctor Who action figures and claiming to stand toe-to-toe with such established companies as Sideshow and Hot Toys. That’s a big claim to make from a young company with no product to show. The eleventh incarnation of the Doctor, as played by Matt Smith, is their debut release and it took its time getting here.