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Pic of the Day > Necromorph attack on Meg by sabatomic~

Necromorph attack on Meg

Bat-Week | Review > Batman & Joker Mez-Itz (Mezco)

In the early 2000s there was an explosion of minifigures in the collectors’ market: Minimates, Pocket Heroes, Kubricks, Stikfas, and Shockinis, just to name a few. Some were clearly inspired by the classic LEGO minifigures, while others focused more on customizability and interchangeable parts.

My personal favorite minifigures were the original Mez-Itz by Mezco. Unlike other minifigures, Mez-Itz had uniquely-sculpted heads and other accessories. And they had a slew of great licenses, including Aliens, Predator, Robocop, Hellboy, Edward Scissorhands, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and even Army of Darkness. Later they expanded to their own unique lines, such as pirates and ninjas (much as Minimates is doing now). Sadly, the line died out when the Pirates and ninjas failed to set the world on fire.

In the intervening years, the vinyl figure movement expanded from its niche into the mass market, primarily in the form of Mighty Muggs and its derivates. Mezco hopped on that bandwagon by mimicking the style and size of Mighty Muggs with their newly re-branded Mez-Itz. Now, they come full circle as they shrink the 6″ Mez-Itz down to two inches.

Pic of the Day > Lion-O by Inanimate Life


Pic of the Day > Mezco Toyz POPEYE by LUNZERLAND.

Mezco Toyz POPEYE

Toy Aisle Trolls > Mess-It’s (a)

Toy Aisle Trolls is a feature highlighting acts of vandalism to in-store toy items. If you find a ruined package, a stolen figure, a swapped-out figure, or any other such acts, take a photo (cell phone photos are fine if they’re not blurry) and email them to poe AT poeghostal.com.

Today’s T.A.T. comes courtesy of Poester AFOS:

Writes AFOS:

My local Toys R Us have sold out of Mezco’s Mez-Its with the exception of Perseus from Clash of the Titans. Those have been shelfwarming for awhile now. The other day I was walking by them when I finally paid attention and noticed something odd. One of the Perseus-us (Persei?) was in a Beetlejuice package. And another was in a Freddy Kreuger package. I took a closer look and it was obvious the boxes had been opened and poorly resealed. I’m not sure why someone would do this. The only reason I can imagine is possibly because the Perseus Mez-Its are cheaper than the other ones. Anything to save a few pennies I guess.

OK, so obviously this is yet another example of a troll saving a few measly bucks…but I’m having a hard time getting past the idea that AFOS’s local TRU is sold out of Mez-Itz. Are these things really that popular? My local TRU has a ton of them, along with Mighty Muggs and the other similar mass market vinyls.

I much preferred the old Mez-Its, with their smaller size (though that’s returning soon) and their unique sculpting. But apparently I’m in the minority?

Pic of the Day

Mezco Silent Screamers - Graf Orlok [Nosferatu]

Mezco Silent Screamers – Graf Orlok [Nosferatu] by Ed Speir IV

Mezco is also doing Thundercats figures, apparently

Really big ones. From MTV Geek (by PGPoA Pal Lemonjuice McGee):

Mezco Mega-Scale ThunderCats™ Lion-O

ThunderCats Ho!
Straight from the ThunderCats’ Lair on Third Earth, it’s Lion-O and the legendary mystic Sword of Omens.

This mega-scale figure measures over 20 inches tall from the tip of his upraised, extended sword to the soles of his Thunderian boots.

Featuring 7 points of articulation this mega figure is superbly detailed, perfectly capturing not only the iconic look of Lion-O as he appeared in the classic television series, but the essence, of Lion-O as he proudly raises the mystic Sword of Omens towards the heavens and roars out “Thundercats, Ho!” He comes complete with his impressive Claw Shield and a removable mystic Sword Of Omens.

Lion-O is packaged in a collector friendly window box that allows him to be displayed while remaining Mint In Box.

To preorder, visit:

The preorder page seems not be working as of this posting. That, or it’s already sold out.

Pic of the Day

Son of Frankenstein

Son of Frankenstein by 2X2L

Pic of the Day

Anung Un Rama

Anung Un Rama by TheOneCam

List > Five Action Figures Who Cost Us Better Ones

One of the greatest tributes to a pop culture character’s popularity is to be made into the immortal idol known as an action figure. And while many characters have been so blessed, there are still many deserving characters who remain un-sculpted in plastic.

And yet, while we have no figure of Dutch Schaefer from Predator, Rasputin from the Hellboy comic or Buzzard from The Goon, we do have  these obscure or unwanted characters who not only got their own figure, but were given spots in action figure lines that ended immediately after their appearance, thereby preventing a more desirable figure from getting made.

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