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I’m digging the mini-figure revolution I’m seeing taking place in toy aisles right now. As someone who has collected Battle Beasts, Z-Bots, Army Ants, Trash Bag Bunch, M.U.S.C.L.E., and so on since my childhood, it’s nice to see lines like Trash Pack, SLUG Zombies, Fighter Pods, and Squinkies dominating large portions of the toy aisles these days. Other than the zombies, though, none of these lines have gotten my attention quite like Hasbro’s new line, G.I. Joe: Micro Force.


As far as their size, they’re a little bigger than Trash Pack, Squinkies, and Fighter Pods, but certainly smaller than the last G.I. Joe micro line, Combat Heroes. These are similar in size to the oft-overlooked toy line Fistful of Power from about 2005-6, which were a little bit smaller than M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. This is really an ideal size: large enough to capture character likenesses and other little details, small enough to fit a bunch of them in the palm of your hand.

Pic of the Day > Microman Micro Force team by chogokinjawa

Microman Micro Force team

Microman Micro Force team by chogokinjawa

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